Definition of banksia man in English:

banksia man


  • A nickname for the large woody cone produced by some species of banksia shrub.

    ‘take thongs for walking over the lumpy banksia men’
    • ‘Pull off the clawed arms and knobby legs of a Banksia Man and he turns into a fruiting cob.’
    • ‘It's like a banksia-man, with gaping seedcases.’
    • ‘The mature conelike spike has several two-lipped woody fruits embedded in the whiskery remains of the flowers, giving the Bad Banksia Man appearance familiar to older people.’
    • ‘The Banksia men are nonetheless identical to the gumnuts in being 'vegetable in origin', which is to say, the product of asexual reproduction.’
    • ‘Most menacing are the large, dark and hairy Banksia men, whose bodies are covered with 'odd apertures', lip-shaped, vulva-like protuberances.’


Early 20th century: from the name of the characters in the children's story The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (1918) by May Gibbs.