Definition of bank on in English:

bank on

phrasal verb

  • Rely on confidently.

    ‘the prime minister cannot bank on their support’
    • ‘Spice 21, nice though the food was, never seemed overly busy whenever I walked past, so it would seem the new owners are banking on the buffet to bring in the business.’
    • ‘Other parts of Scotland will see their fire cover reduced even more substantially as the government banks on the country's 4,000 part-time and volunteer firefighters to resist the strike call.’
    • ‘The space could be let for £5,000 - £6,000 a year, but it is the capital growth that investors are banking on.’
    • ‘Strong trial results sent the Nasdaq-quoted shares flying last week, causing pain to a bunch of short-sellers who were banking on a price collapse.’
    • ‘Shoutmail is banking on convenience and ease of use to expand its user base and to attract advertisers in the process.’
    • ‘I'm still banking on a decent turnaround, though, based on his overall history.’
    • ‘Red Hat and Mandrake are clearly banking on support contracts and installations of their advanced server products to generate revenue.’
    • ‘The company is banking on competing with Cisco based on its laser-beam focus on the cable market.’
    • ‘I have had them before in the past and never done anything about it so I'm banking on the fact that as I'm still here, it's just something that happens now and then.’
    • ‘Talk about such novel ventures and you sure can bank on the support of Revathy Menon, film actress.’
    • ‘Instead, Microsoft are banking on the triple-core to handle those kinds of calculations.’
    • ‘But its producers are banking on the Chardonnay becoming the miracle longed for by the calorie-counting female wine-bar generation.’
    • ‘The number seven seed will have her work cut out against seed Fionna Geaves, but like Taylor will be banking on the support of the home crowd.’
    • ‘Others were banking on more modest pensions, such as £16,000 or £7,000.’
    • ‘To achieve a winning season, the Rockies are banking on a return to their Blake Street Bomber days.’
    • ‘Dr Greenspan professes to being ‘deeply distressed’ to learn accountants are ratifying dodgy figures because he always banked on their integrity.’
    • ‘This means taking measures that do not bank on doctoring figures and introducing cosmetic measures, as was done in the case of poverty reduction figures.’
    • ‘Now he is one of only 11 players to earn a central contract and England are banking on him to be a central figure in their World Cup plans.’
    • ‘Mr Burr, who has already invested £250,000 of his own money in the project, was banking on Didcot power station buying his processed crop.’
    • ‘I beat the pre-holiday rush to the temple of gadgets to buy some paint and ended up buying a bargain hammock instead - but I'm not banking on much relaxation.’
    • ‘Terry Dolan is banking on the York City faithful to raise the roof at Filbert Street and roar the Minstermen on to success in tomorrow's FA Cup clash with Leicester City.’
    • ‘His 12 league goals have earned a huge chunk of the 25 survival points they have already amassed and they are banking on him securing a fair few more before the season is out.’
    • ‘China is also hoping to bank on the region's proximity to Japan and Korea.’
    • ‘Instead, it says simply, ‘Trust us,’ and banks on our fear of terror and ambivalence toward the rules of justice to ensure we do exactly that without asking too many hard questions.’
    • ‘Microsoft no doubt knows this, but is presumably banking on most users going along with the process, as they've tended to do in the past.’
    rely on, depend on, count on, place reliance on, bargain on, plan on, reckon on, calculate on, presume on
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