Definition of bank manager in English:

bank manager


  • A person in charge of a local branch of a bank.

    • ‘Snub your local bank manager and buy a book for £15 on how to manage your money.’
    • ‘When the bank manager drove there, the businessman hit him in the mouth, injuring his nose and face bones.’
    • ‘Our bank manager confessed to being prohibited from putting anything in writing, which is why he expects clients to speak to him directly.’
    • ‘The former bank manager had not worked at the branch where the robbery happened and the fact he was passing was coincidence, police said.’
    • ‘One day, when she'd made it to eleven, she sat a scholarship exam in a classroom with the bank manager as her supervisor.’
    • ‘He could have made one call, of course: to his own bank manager.’
    • ‘I also work with a bank manager at Barclays through the Premier Account service.’
    • ‘I wrote to our bank manager at NatWest explaining that we were applying to the Court of Protection for my son to be appointed her attorney.’
    • ‘Throughout history, and well into the Nineties, the bank manager was seen as a pillar of his local community.’
    • ‘Then I started enjoying it, and now I don't know how to stop - although my bank manager would probably like me to.’
    • ‘My bank manager thinks so anyway, because I've never had to meet him.’
    • ‘Now, unless you have an unfeasibly large wine budget or a sympathetic bank manager, Pomerol's top wines are out of reach.’
    • ‘If there is one phrase in the brochure world certain to put a sweat on your bank manager's brow, it is ‘water villa’.’
    • ‘I recommend that you discuss your proposition in full with your bank manager, accountant and legal adviser.’
    • ‘Martin works for a Chelmsford-based housing association and Lorraine, 33, is a bank manager in the city.’
    • ‘Aboard we have Sylvia, the local bank manager who manages Nigel's apartment.’
    • ‘What made the story even more intriguing was that all involved knew perfectly well who No Face was - the local bank manager.’
    • ‘First, the bank manager needs to understand what the business plan is and what the business objectives are.’
    • ‘So I call my branch, and my friendly bank manager doesn't call me back.’
    • ‘Usually threats from the bank manager and unpaid bills on the kitchen table mean the idea remains nothing more than an unfulfilled ambition.’