Definition of banishment in English:



mass noun
  • 1The punishment of being sent away from a country or other place.

    ‘Adam and Eve's banishment from the Garden of Eden’
    ‘the total banishment of his daughter from the country’
    figurative ‘his banishment to the political wilderness’
    • ‘The director's punishment should have been banishment to infomercial land.’
    • ‘Romeo does not take this very well, for he considers banishment equal to death.’
    • ‘This "inner-earth" movie stinks, and all involved should be sentenced to life banishment in underground caves.’
    • ‘In 1934, he wrote a scholarly article justifying Plato's banishment of the poets in the Republic.’
    • ‘All during his banishment, she kept a miniature painting he'd given her.’
    • ‘In the finale, the adulterous couple met up after their banishment.’
    • ‘Othello stabs Iago, leaving him to live in pain, and then, before banishment from Cyprus, kills himself.’
    • ‘They are found guilty and are sentenced to banishment to an uninhabited planet.’
    • ‘The king, well aware of Medea's wrath, decrees her banishment.’
    • ‘Their scheming ultimately led to Coriolanus's banishment from Rome.’
    1. 1.1 The action of getting rid of something unwanted.
      ‘the banishment of world hunger’
      • ‘One example was the banishment of music from meals, except for the express purpose of complementing a particular food.’
      • ‘First is the issue of the legal and administrative banishment of racial distinctions.’
      • ‘Blind faith is too crude a term, but banishment of doubt was, and is, part of it.’
      • ‘The enactment of Prohibition strove to uplift America's moral character through the banishment of alcohol.’
      • ‘We once had much bigger things on our minds than the banishment of the unibrow.’
      • ‘The banishment of wonder would be the death of science itself.’
      • ‘The constitutional banishment of the swastika has only increased its mystical power among skulking skinheads.’
      • ‘As the deadline for the banishment of tobacco advertising drew close, they could be seen pushing a new addition to their cigarette line.’
      • ‘A residual consumer scare followed the banishment of artificial sweeteners.’
      • ‘"Eating for pleasure" supersedes "eating to live," and the banishment of cereals symbolizes the triumph of gourmandizing over physiological necessity.’