Definition of Bangla in English:



  • 1Bangladeshi.

    • ‘‘And since this will be our first attempt at a Bangla album, we are quite upbeat about it,’ he says.’
    • ‘Bhangra and Bangla music and the experiences of Asian sons and daughters are used to build a picture of a defiant popular culture.’
    • ‘I know we will come out of this phase because we have also set up a production line in audiocassettes of Bangla songs, which belong to different genres of music.’
    • ‘Over 1,200 persons including nine Trinamool Congress MLAs, were arrested in connection with the 12-hour Bangla bandh today.’
    • ‘On April 15, those wanting a taste of good Bangla khabar will be spoilt for choice.’
  • 2Bengali.

    • ‘The activists threatened to ransack the shop if he failed to put up a Bangla signboard in three days.’
    • ‘It was but natural that the Bangla team lost all its outings in the 8-team event.’
    • ‘The Iranian language, i.e. Persian, was the official language of Bengal throughout the Muslim Period and Persian literature enormously influenced Bangla literature.’
    • ‘Kolkata has a healthy history of local rock music groups doing both Bangla and English rock.’
    • ‘A good number of police officers continuously patrol the Bangla strip at night, offering a sense of security sometimes lacking in Pattaya.’


mass noun
  • The Bengali language.

    • ‘Bangla was the language of the majority, and the movement for Bangla as the national language gained momentum from this day.’
    • ‘The movement for Bangla as the national language gained momentum from this day.’
    • ‘The speech writer forgot that Bangla is one of the subcontinent's developed languages, and is extremely rich in literature.’
    • ‘As Tilottoma Misra suggests, in Assam the Asamiya language was restored to its rightful place in schools by the missionaries though the British administration had replaced the language with Bangla.’
    • ‘Bengali, or Bangla, is the language spoken by most of the people of Bangladesh as well as those in the Indian states of Bengal and parts of Assam.’
    • ‘Bangla doesn't have a prize for works translated into Bangla.’
    • ‘The primary language is Bangla, called Bengali by most nonnatives, an Indo-European language spoken not just by Bangladeshis, but also by people who are culturally Bengali.’
    • ‘But the East Pakistanis fought for keeping their language Bangla as a second state language, and gave their lives in 1952 in the process.’
    • ‘Bengali, or Bangla, is the country's official language.’
    • ‘In addition to Bangla, Red Hat is working on localization of other Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil.’
    • ‘Sujit Mukherjee's first language was Bangla, but he wrote English like a master.’
    • ‘Zee Network has already forayed into regional language channels under the brand name of ‘Alpha’ with channels in Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi and Bangla.’
    • ‘A great many Persian words entered Bangla language and literature, into official documents and the idiom of court circles.’
    • ‘Michael Madhusudan and Romeshchandra Dutt were major writers in Bangla, apart from being minor poets in English.’
    • ‘I started with the English language papers, as I would need help with the Bangla ones (though my spoken Bangla is good, my reading and writing skills are almost non-existent).’
    • ‘I often hear someone talk in Bangla, or Gujarati or Punjabi or Hindi.’
    • ‘And meeting Baby at the launch of the English translation of her book (originally in Bangla, called Aalo Aandhari, or From Darkness to Light), I saw what a delight she is.’
    • ‘When Bangladesh was under Pakistan rule, there was one such horrible plan by the government to use Arabic scripture to write Bangla.’
    • ‘Thus, Sanskrit loomed loftily as the classical language, and other Indian languages such as Tamil (which itself has a classical status), and Bangla were reduced to mere vernacular status.’
    • ‘We collected data with a standard questionnaire designed in English and subsequently translated into Bangla.’


From Bengali bāṅglā.