Definition of banger in English:



  • 1A sausage.

    ‘bangers and mash’
    • ‘Now if only something can be done about spotted dick and bangers and mash.’
    • ‘Among the English classics will be steak and kidney pudding, lamb chump chops, topside of beef, bangers and mash, and fish, chips and peas.’
    • ‘Archie mumbles about ‘democracy and Sunday dinners, and… and… promenades and piers, and bangers and mash.’’
    • ‘My most impressive dish is an advanced form of bangers and mash, using the best sausages (by Mr Harris of Tywardreath, in Cornwall) cooked in cider with apples and bacon.’
    • ‘Shepherd's pie is usually quite good, and other ‘pub grub’ - like bangers and mash, sausage and mashed potatoes - is not bad either.’
    • ‘Dozens of local children had the chance to dig into platefuls of bangers and beans and get a present from Father Christmas at Devizes fire station's Breakfast with Santa on Saturday.’
    • ‘A crisp ten pound note gets you two meals from a selection of lasagne, spag bol, chicken tikka masala, bangers and mash, veggie burger, and a bottle of the wine of the month.’
    • ‘This move towards the more sophisticated sausage has propelled once basic British staples such as bangers and mash and toad in the hole to new culinary heights.’
    • ‘At Scolton Manor the 1950s theme was reflected by Jack Holt and his Band, a display of omnibus memorabilia and 50s-style fare such as bangers and mash and roly poly pudding in the restaurant.’
    • ‘Asking my colleagues about England's specialities, I get bangers and mash, cheddar, Stilton, marmite, baked beans, fish and chips, steak and kidney pie.’
    • ‘The menu boasts fairly traditional pub grub (fish and chips, bangers and mash), but a specials board moves it into gastro-pub territory.’
    • ‘I was tempted to try the bangers and mash, but I couldn't stomach the idea of eating all those sausages.’
    • ‘This is the woman, remember, who served bangers and mash at her wedding reception in the Crooked Billet pub in Reading and then honeymooned in Scotland in November.’
    • ‘There were half a dozen choices, including bangers and mash and large Yorkshire pudding filled with ‘hearty Yorkshire stew’.’
    • ‘Louise, who was cooking, dished up a supreme bangers and mash with onion and red wine gravy, and I had prepared The Films of Patrick Swayze as my conversational masterclass.’
    • ‘The English refer to sausages as bangers and call the toilet the ‘loo’ or the ‘W.C.’ (for water closet).’
    • ‘The reindeer was actually an interesting cold meat, like a prosciutto ham, but slightly more substance than pork, while the Aussie sausages were good meaty bangers.’
    • ‘The lunches include traditional pub courses - burgers, baguettes, bangers and mash, and fish and chips, although the menu may be expanded in the coming months.’
    • ‘We bypassed the bangers and mash, steak and ale pie and cheese macaroni in favour of fish and chips, and the chicken paillard with black pudding, mashed potato and creamed spinach.’
    • ‘From rotund one-pot stews and bangers, mash and onion gravy to fork-bending risottos, the diverse menu will soon have you kicking off your heels.’
  • 2An old car in poor condition.

    ‘they've only got an old banger’
    • ‘It's like paying off the mortgage on your house or choosing to lease a new car over three years instead of keeping your old banger with its crippling repair bills.’
    • ‘While most people learn to drive in old bangers, Bolton's boxing sensation Amir Khan will be doing his three-point turns and reverse parking in style.’
    • ‘The gallant ten-year-old has more miles on the clock than an old banger, but he still has the engine and constitution of a Land Rover.’
    • ‘He claimed that he bought and sold old bangers and often loaned them to others.’
    • ‘As for playing among old bangers, the ASA ruled the it was ‘irresponsible to show a car scrapyard as an adventurous place to hang out with friends’.’
    • ‘In the show, rapper Xzbit gives ordinary folks' old bangers a pimp makeover.’
    • ‘They are not supposed to be working but their entrepreneurial skills include buying old bangers at the car market and fixing them up for resale.’
    • ‘Sorry we're late, but I had the old banger apart and it took longer to put it back together than I figured.’
    • ‘But for the amateurs who drive their old bangers in the Plymouth-Dakar charity rally, it's a struggle to stop their cars falling apart.’
    • ‘These same emissions zones will also catch clapped-out old bangers and poorly-maintained lorries and vans.’
    • ‘Looking out of my sitting room window this morning, I noted that, of all the cars I could see in the surrounding driveways, my husband and I have the oldest bangers on the block.’
    • ‘On a family visit to Windsor Safari Park just to get used to his new car, a jumpy old banger with steering wheel stick-shift gears, Ron was flagged down by a policeman.’
    • ‘If you already own a car, and don't intend to keep it, then you also need to estimate a trade-in price for your old banger.’
    • ‘Next up at Wimbledon are the stock cars, rookie bangers and national hot rods on Sunday, March 30.’
    • ‘National Car Test mechanics are clamping down on old bangers with more than 60,000 pre-1992 registered cars failing the test this year.’
    • ‘The youth's mother lives in our street so he's always coming round here in stolen cars or old bangers which he does up.’
    • ‘A group of people needs to get together and gather a dozen or so really old bangers and drive them up to the toll bridge.’
    • ‘It should also be pointed out that the rate at which old bangers are going to the crusher has never been higher.’
    • ‘You stick your fingers up in anger as you wheelspin away in your old banger, kicking out enough fumes to create another twenty foot hole in the ozone.’
    • ‘Rally rules state that the car cannot be worth more than £100 and Les and Claudio had a struggle in getting their banger in a condition to race.’
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  • 3A loud explosive firework.

    ‘these fireworks are no longer bangers but more like explosives’
    • ‘He also pointed out that there is a specific offence under the law for throwing any ignited fireworks or bangers in public places.’
    • ‘A young city woman who became blind four years ago is calling on those with fireworks, rockets and bangers to think of people in her situation this Hallowe'en.’
    • ‘All pet owners should be extremely cautious this weekend as children play with fireworks and bangers, he said.’
    • ‘Parents are also asked to ensure the safety of their children and others by taking care that fireworks and bangers are kept out of children's reach.’
    • ‘The bombardment by bangers, crackers and fireworks was such that there was hardly a silent minute in any town, of any size, in County Mayo.’
    • ‘Intimidation of elderly citizens with bangers, fireworks or throwing flour or eggs at houses and passing cars are activities we totally condemn.’
    • ‘Two weeks ahead of Hallowe'en, several complaints have already been made to Ballybricken Garda Station about fireworks, bangers and general anti-social behaviour.’
    • ‘Fireworks are effectively illegal in Ireland; most of the illegal fireworks and bangers on sale in markets and from street traders throughout the country are sub-standard and liable to cause injury.’
    • ‘The Muine Bheag Gardai are reminding people, particularly young people and their parents, that all types of bangers and fireworks are illegal and highly dangerous except as part of a licensed event.’
    • ‘Superintendent Noel McCarthy has now appealed to parents not to purchase fireworks or bangers for their children.’
    • ‘Igdb aims, through its awareness campaign, to encourage people to show consideration to guide dogs and their owners and not use illegal fireworks and bangers in built up areas.’
    • ‘These fireworks are no longer bangers but more like explosives, which, only recently, have been used to blow telephone boxes to pieces.’
    • ‘The Society warned that animals can be frightened by fireworks and bangers.’
    • ‘Apparently there has been an increase in the use of fireworks this year with bangers and so called rockets going off on a nightly basis over the past few weeks.’
    • ‘A Garda spokesman said fireworks, bangers and sparklers were all explosives and were potentially very dangerous if not used under very stringent conditions.’
    • ‘And take care with sparklers, fireworks, bangers and bonfires and try not to frighten the vulnerable.’
    • ‘Hallowe'en is a particularly busy time for the dog pound as some dogs tend to be frightened off by fireworks and bangers and end up in the pound as they are unable to find their way home.’
    • ‘Gardai in stations in Carlow, and around the country, have been inundated with complaints relating to fireworks and bangers.’
    • ‘Can you believe it - late last night someone in the village set off a heap of fireworks - rockets, bangers.’
    • ‘Seamus Ryan says he feels there needs to be greater controls on the sale and use of fireworks and bangers.’