Definition of bang on in English:

bang on


  • Exactly right:

    ‘the programme is bang on about the fashion world’
    • ‘When both coaches get their schemes bang on, then you look to an individual to come up with a piece of magic that nobody can plan against.’
    • ‘It is quite a forgiving rod that lets you off when your timing isn't bang on.’
    • ‘While some fans were distracted as police and stewards quickly dealt with it, City showed their concentration level was bang on.’
    • ‘With no fresh injury problems to report, Bolton should be bang on for victory at the weekend.’
    • ‘He was bang on, too, in his observations about the entrepreneurial nature of Maori.’
    • ‘But the whole foxhunting/inner city poverty thing is pretty much bang on.’
    • ‘Having grown up in the '70s, I can cite a couple of films that capture the period bang on.’
    • ‘We did read the URL that you supplied, and intuitively we knew that it was true and bang on when we read it.’
    • ‘It looks beautiful; what Roth says about attention to detail is bang on.’
    • ‘Once again the budget carrier's marketing department had got it bang on.’
    • ‘We even got to point at David Blaine and laugh, so it was bang on, really.’
    • ‘The mixture is fairly gelatinous in texture, but the calibration of sweet and sour elements is bang on.’
    • ‘On some nights, it'll just be bang on, and all these people will come out.’
    • ‘The vocals were bang on, and the beat had people dancing to the bizarre electro-melody.’
    correct, precise, exact, right, errorless, error-free, without error, faultless, perfect, valid, specific, detailed, minute, explicit, clear-cut, word for word, unambiguous, meticulous, authoritative, reliable, canonical
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