Definition of bang goes — in English:

bang goes —


  • Used to express the sudden collapse of a plan or hope.

    ‘my first thought when I heard the news was ‘Bang goes my knighthood!’’
    • ‘All postings demonstrate a level of literacy far higher than that in the general population, so bang goes another big chunk of the possible readership.’
    • ‘Let's also not forget the one-man freeware/shareware operation - they might not be able to afford a listing so bang goes one of the main distribution avenues for them.’
    • ‘The moment the Herald becomes the organ for the Bishop or the Archbishop, bang goes journalistic objectivity.’
    • ‘I think what he meant that if a track worker gets himself killed bang goes the job and bang goes the cash.’
    • ‘Policies can be changed, perhaps a new council, another roundabout for a new access road and bang goes the Hilperton Gap.’
    • ‘If you don't plaster your walls you are saving on cement and thereby on energy, but if at the same time you end up using a lot of timber, bang goes eco-friendliness, points out Mahesh.’
    • ‘Actually, when people arrive late I usually think they are terribly rude, so bang goes my theory…!’
    • ‘So bang goes the Rotary Club outing to Gaza City.’
    • ‘But I guess I will just have to accept that if he's just going to be there for a day, he won't be there for a night, so bang goes Gerry's plan for the Grand Seduction.’
    • ‘SO bang goes our dreams of reaching the FA Cup final for another season.’
    • ‘And I will have to buy a new one: bang goes the budget.’
    • ‘But the localisers want us all to retreat behind borders - so bang goes the international transfer of assets which is so desperately needed.’
    • ‘Then there is the added worry that perhaps the property bubble could go pop and bang goes the potential capital gain and your expected return on investment.’
    • ‘So bang goes my dream of being sophisticated again.’
    • ‘Well, bang goes any chance of making your protest, guys.’
    • ‘Probably not and bang goes another $8 or $9 million at our hard-pressed national broadcaster.’
    • ‘Even the other new girl comes from another pregnancy yoga class, so bang goes my hopes of safety in numbers.’