Definition of Bandywallop in English:



  • An imaginary place perceived as remote and backward.

    ‘Government House is welcoming the usual delegations of charity workers from Bandywallop’
    • ‘Did we just pass through Bandy Wallop?’
    • ‘We pray to the most gracious lord of Bandywallop Garage.’
    • ‘It was like the Bandywallop symphony orchestra making an application for the importation of the grand piano.’
    • ‘No one is particularly interested in the fact that you left Bandywallop at 9.00 a.m. on the 10th.’
    • ‘We thought everybody, with the possible exception of the Bandywallop Drum and Fife Band, has been allowed to have a say.’
    • ‘The practice has to be acceptable to the Bandywallop Shire Council.’
    • ‘A shearer won the lottery and took his shearing mates to celebrate at the Bandywallop pub.’
    • ‘Elections always remind me of the day I acted as poll clerk at Bandywallop.’


1930s: a jocular coinage.