Definition of bandura in English:



  • A Ukrainian stringed instrument resembling a large asymmetrical lute with many strings, held vertically and plucked like a zither.

    • ‘The bandura is an old instrument from the old days of the Kozak armies.’
    • ‘Traditional folk instruments include the bandura, a variety of flutes, various fiddles and basses, drums and rattles, the bagpipe, the hurdy-gurdy, the Jew's harp, and the hammered dulcimer.’
    • ‘Hryhorii Kytastyi, musical director, composer and bandurist, is the author of more than 30 melodies of Ukrainian songs for solo and choir with bandura or piano accompaniment.’
    • ‘The Ukrainians, who were given a huge reception when they took part in Saturday's parade wearing their traditional dress, play a 56-string instrument called the bandura and also sing.’
    • ‘The bandura, Ukraine's national instrument, may have from twenty to sixty-five strings and is similar to a lute.’


Ukrainian; compare with bandora.