Definition of bandpass in English:



  • (of a filter) transmitting only a set range of frequencies.

    ‘a 1–40 Hz bandpass filter’
    • ‘The multiplex type filter contains at least two disparate bandpass filters for separate reception or transmission frequency bands.’
    • ‘You can also change volume and reverb levels on each track, adjust resonance and center frequency of a simple bandpass filter, and change pitch and tempo globally.’
    • ‘The excitation source, a xenon arc lamp, provides a white light beam that is sent through a bandpass filter and reflected into a microscope objective through a dichroic filter.’
    • ‘The bandpass filter minimizes any effect from the change in ambient lighting conditions that could degrade sensor operation.’
    • ‘After propagating through the bandpass filter, the light is linearly polarized and reflected toward the target by a beamsplitter.’


  • The range of frequencies which are transmitted through a bandpass filter.

    ‘a bandpass of 0.8–50 Hz’
    • ‘The EEG was amplified by Grass Model 7p511 amplifiers with bandpasses of 0.1-100 Hz.’
    • ‘For a spectrometer, the bandpass specifies how much spectral bandwidth is being seen for a given wavelength position.’
    • ‘Plotting the changes as the tone frequency is varied across the bandpass of the circuit produces a curve.’
    • ‘Steady-state fluorescence was measured with a SPEX spectrofluorometer with excitation and emission slits providing a bandpass of 7.2 and 3.6 nm, respectively.’
    • ‘Samples were excited at 270 nm (16-nm bandpasses for excitation and emission).’
    • ‘Excitation and emission slits with a nominal bandpass of 5 nm were used.’
    • ‘Probe pulses at center wavelengths across the visible spectrum were obtained by placing interference filters with a 10 nm bandpass in the probe beam before the sample.’
    • ‘The excitation wavelength was 309 nm and the emission was monitored at 371 nm with a slit setting of 0.59 mm corresponding to a 2.5-nm spectral bandpass.’
    • ‘Excitation and collection bandpasses were 4 nm in all cases.’
    • ‘Tuning is the process of successfully shifting bottlenecks to places that have a wide enough bandpass to handle your data throughput needs.’
    • ‘One-half of the mirror is optimized for each bandpass.’
    • ‘Pyrene-labeled lipids were excited at 344 nm, and monomer and excimer emission intensities were detected at 398 and 480 nm, respectively, with bandpasses of 4.0 nm.’
    • ‘One of these sensors is a UV sensor array, consisting of six photodiodes selectively monitoring different bandpasses between 200 and 400 nm.’
    • ‘This retains features within the bandpass of the microscope while suppressing noise components with higher spatial frequencies.’
    • ‘All signals were amplified with a gain of 20,000 and a bandpass of 0.1-100 Hz (- 12 dB / octave; 3 dB attenuation), digitized at a rate of 250 Hz, and stored on disk for off-line averaging.’
    • ‘Steady-state fluorescence spectra were obtained on a Spex Fluoromax with a 4 nm bandpass and corrected for lamp spectral intensity and detector response.’