Definition of bandolero in English:


nounPlural bandoleros

  • A Spanish bandit.

    • ‘Antonio Banderas is a bandolero out to get even in Desperado.’
    • ‘The bandoleros were not soldiers; they did not fight according to the rules of warfare.’
    • ‘When he finds out the Bandoleros are after him, he pushes back, targeting their loved ones, forcing them to bring the fight to him.’
    • ‘In the Seventies, the Spanish ballad was reborn, with shoot-outs and drug-runners replacing bandoleros and revolution.’
    • ‘The bandolero caught up the packhorse's leadrope but the packhorse balked and squatted on its haunches.’
    bandit, brigand, robber, outlaw, ruffian, desperado, plunderer, marauder, raider, ravager, pillager, freebooter, criminal, thug, gangster
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