Definition of bandersnatch in English:



  • A fierce mythical creature immune to bribery and capable of moving very fast.

    • ‘I'm fine with frumious bandersnatches; I will let them catch me in their claws, fly me to the next safe spot.’
    • ‘I say nonsense, because that of course is how we all remember Carroll's poem with its forest full of the slithy toves, the jubjub birds, the frumious bandersnatch and the mome raths.’
    • ‘In reference works on bandersnatches, snarks are referred to collectively by the Latin name Snarkidae.’
    • ‘Ninjas, mind-controlled slaves, a plasmatic monster, robot dinosaurs, inner demons, and bandersnatches are running amok.’
    • ‘Ninety percent of them are nattering slack-jawed bandersnatches, so why would we want more of them?’
    • ‘Gun down the two bandersnatches and grab the key.’


1871: coined by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass; probably a portmanteau word.