Definition of banderole in English:


(also banderol)


  • 1A long, narrow flag with a cleft end, flown at a masthead.

    1. 1.1historical An ornamental streamer on a knight's lance.
    2. 1.2 A ribbon-shaped stone scroll bearing an inscription.
      • ‘The tympanum over the center door is carved with a representation of Jesus, flanked by angels, and standing on a banderole inscribed: ‘I am the door’.’
      • ‘A banderole next to Judas's face is badly degraded, but its final word is still legible as ‘pauperibus’.’
      • ‘The dedication in the banderole at the bottom states: ‘I painted my portrait in the year 1940 for Dr Leo Eloesser my doctor and my friend.’’
      • ‘The banderole bears the inscription ‘Asperges Me Hyssopo,’ a phrase from Psalm 51: 7.’
      • ‘The text on the banderole on the left reads (in translation), ‘a welcome meal for a guest who has come from afar,’ above which in smaller characters is, ‘written for the owner of the Western Garden.’’
    3. 1.3 A rectangular banner carried at the funerals of public figures and placed over the tomb.
      banner, standard, ensign, pennant, pennon, streamer, jack
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Mid 16th century: from French, from Italian banderuola, diminutive of bandiera ‘banner’.