Definition of banderole in English:


(also banderol)


  • 1A long, narrow flag with a cleft end, flown at a masthead.

    1. 1.1historical An ornamental streamer on a knight's lance.
    2. 1.2A ribbon-like stone scroll bearing an inscription.
      • ‘The text on the banderole on the left reads (in translation), ‘a welcome meal for a guest who has come from afar,’ above which in smaller characters is, ‘written for the owner of the Western Garden.’’
      • ‘The dedication in the banderole at the bottom states: ‘I painted my portrait in the year 1940 for Dr Leo Eloesser my doctor and my friend.’’
      • ‘The tympanum over the center door is carved with a representation of Jesus, flanked by angels, and standing on a banderole inscribed: ‘I am the door’.’
      • ‘The banderole bears the inscription ‘Asperges Me Hyssopo,’ a phrase from Psalm 51: 7.’
      • ‘A banderole next to Judas's face is badly degraded, but its final word is still legible as ‘pauperibus’.’
    3. 1.3A rectangular banner carried at the funerals of public figures and placed over the tomb.
      banner, standard, ensign, pennant, pennon, banderole, streamer, jack
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Mid 16th century: from French, from Italian banderuola, diminutive of bandiera banner.