Definition of banderilla in English:



  • A decorated dart thrust into a bull's neck or shoulders during a bullfight.

    • ‘‘El Soro’, who is the most spectacular of all with the banderillas, has always fought 50 or more fights per year.’
    • ‘Victor is a very powerful maestro and one of the best matadors placing banderillas today.’
    • ‘The banderillero, carrying a banderilla in each hand, runs towards the charging bull at an angle and places the banderillas in its neck.’
    • ‘Their job is to insert two banderillas (decorated wooden sticks with spiked ends) over the horns into the bull's neck muscle.’
    • ‘With the brightly coloured banderillas (barbed darts) he approaches the bull excellently and positions them carefully on the neck, bringing the crowd to its feet with applause.’


Spanish, diminutive of bandera ‘banner’.