Definition of banana kick in English:

banana kick


  • (in soccer or rugby) a kick to the side of the ball causing it to follow a curved line in the air, typically in order to avoid interception by an opponent.

    ‘he bent a banana kick through the goals’
    • ‘A beautiful banana kick early in the second half characterised some of his subtler touches, and his defence was good.’
    • ‘Other highlights include the banana kick that old-timers swear they saw during a grand final in the late 1940s, a couple of decades before such a kick was said to be invented.’
    • ‘He makes a burst through the defence after Jones's banana kick goes astray.’
    • ‘A brilliant left foot banana kick goal on the run from the boundary put an end to the challenge.’
    • ‘He throws the ball on the right boot with a banana kick and it bends back for the goal!’
    • ‘Only a cruel bounce robbed him of a try from Duffy's banana kick.’
    • ‘He provided the banana kick for Tony's deciding try 18 minutes from the end.’
    • ‘The best of his goals was a banana kick from near the post in front of the building.’
    • ‘His banana kick over the defence fooled everyone.’
    • ‘He smacked a banana kick goalwards, but it curled narrowly wide.’