Definition of balustrade in English:



  • A railing supported by balusters, especially one forming an ornamental parapet to a balcony, bridge, or terrace.

    • ‘Newel posts are the supports at the end of flights that transfer the weight of the stair to the floor and support the balustrades or spindles.’
    • ‘Handrails or balustrades are essential if there is any danger of falling.’
    • ‘Decorative features, such as balustrades in railings, were especially prone to disintegration.’
    • ‘The roof is adorned with an ornamental balustrade, as are the roofs of the central block and the wings.’
    • ‘Small balcony projections with ornate balustrades and pretty wrought iron lamps flanking monumental doorways on the tall street walls characterized the early homes.’
    • ‘It was then that, owing to the pressure of numbers, the stone balustrade skirting the wall of the hotel collapsed onto the pavement.’
    • ‘The apartments will all have decked balconies with glass balustrades, ash veneer doors throughout and surface and underground car parking facilities.’
    • ‘Investigations revealed the cause to be a breakdown of the waterproofing to the bolts on the base plates supporting the balustrades.’
    • ‘It was a grand house; all balconies and balustrades, stained glass and long, winding staircases.’
    • ‘A stone encasing, a terrace with a double flight of steps, balustrades, and embellishments were added during that period.’
    • ‘The roof of Cornish slate was similarly recreated using old slate found in the garden foe matching purposes; the balustrade and balusters were also beautifully reconstructed.’
    • ‘There will be both surface and underground car parking, while many units will have balconies with glass balustrades.’
    • ‘Again, the wood of the coconut tree was shown used in making furniture, door and window frames, balustrades, wooden screens, etc.’
    • ‘The flower-boxes were bright crimson, and the balcony balustrades were ultramarine and white.’
    • ‘The hallway has a sweeping staircase to the first floor, with a wrought-iron balustrade and hardwood handrail.’
    • ‘The three-metre decked terrace beyond benefits from a glass balustrade, leaving the panorama uninterrupted.’
    • ‘The balcony balustrades beneath her were warm from the sun, a warm breeze pulling her auburn hair back, as if to tug her gently into the library behind.’
    • ‘The company produces wrought iron gates, fencing, railings and balustrades.’
    • ‘What I finally did, after about an hour, was to slither off my seat, very very carefully, and crouch in the footwell, so that the balustrade railing was above my head.’
    castellation, parapet, rampart, wall, bulwark, barbican, bastion
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Mid 17th century: from French, from balustre (see baluster).