Definition of balsamic in English:


Pronunciation /bɔːlˈsamɪk//bɒlˈsamɪk/


  • 1Of the nature of or yielding balsam.

    ‘balsamic resins’
    • ‘Here in the life-giving odors of the balsamic forest, we erected our tent and made ready to pass the rest of the day and night.’
    • ‘When the ozone generated from these balsamic trees mingles with the balmy gulf breezes, it is no wonder the weary invalid finds relief.’
    • ‘In this wilderness, there are still large tracts of balsamic timber.’
    • Rourea hirsuta has a tonic balsamic bark.’
    • ‘She had finished an embroidered silken bag, which she was going to fill with the balsamic needles.’
  • 2Relating to balsamic vinegar.

    ‘a balsamic dressing on the side’
    • ‘It was served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, sweet potatoes, and balsamic butter sauce.’
    • ‘He eats a fillet of wild sea bass with chickpea cream, balsamic mushrooms, and spinach.’
    • ‘The tuna tartare gets an entertaining fillip of fresh papaya and a ribbon of gorgeously reduced balsamic glaze.’
    • ‘Ripe figs and prosciutto sliced thin as silk stockings dovetail gracefully with the help of a dense balsamic vinaigrette.’
    • ‘Starters included black pudding with fresh fig and Jerusalem artichoke gateau with mint and balsamic jus.’


mass noun
  • ‘grilled vegetables with balsamic’
    • ‘Allow to reduce for about 15-20 seconds before adding the stock and balsamic.’
    • ‘Add the spice and cook for a minute or so, then stir in the balsamic and cook until reduced down.’
    • ‘The various vinegars balanced the sweetness, or enhanced it, in the case of balsamic.’
    • ‘I purchased an 18-year-old bottle of balsamic that ran me $40.’
    • ‘The end result of traditional balsamic is a dark brown, sweetened syrup with a slight vinegary kick to it.’