Definition of balsam fir in English:

balsam fir


  • A North American fir tree which yields Canada balsam.

    Abies balsamea, family Pinaceae

    • ‘Like any mill that has to dry balsam fir, Mill B likes to keep the fir, which is significantly denser and wetter, separate for drying.’
    • ‘We always select either a spruce or balsam fir that is not too tall and skinny from struggling to reach the sunlight.’
    • ‘One remarkable example - because relatively few species of trees grow in the moss-covered, rocky terrain - is balsam fir.’
    • ‘The forests include such conifers as red spruce, black spruce, white spruce, balsam fir, red pine, jack pine, eastern white pine, tamarack, eastern white cedar, and eastern hemlock.’
    • ‘Sharp growth increases observed in balsam fir and white spruce are synchronous with massive aspen recruitment in the 1870, 1847, and 1823 stands.’
    • ‘In addition, large numbers of balsam fir and white and black spruce were imported from Canada for sale in Ohio.’
    • ‘The high-grading of large-diameter pine, spruce, beech, maple and birch resulted in a forest succession towards budworm-vulnerable species, such as white spruce and balsam fir.’
    • ‘Now the slender spires of tamarack and balsam fir dominated a scraggly forest, while impenetrable-looking layers of hardy shrubs filled the understory.’
    • ‘Bowater is thinning its red spruce and balsam fir stands at 45-50 years of age.’
    • ‘Walk along tranquil trails trimmed in spruce and balsam firs, past pristine lakes in sapphire shades.’
    • ‘Needle shed on cut trees is the major problem with Norway and white spruces, while frost damage and irregular growth are the major problems with balsam fir.’
    • ‘The variability observed in the oldest stands is mostly explained by the low abundance of white cedar in some stands while balsam fir is present everywhere.’
    • ‘Old-growth stands are thus characterized by a continuous low-canopy layer of balsam fir and white cedar from which taller birch and white spruce individuals emerge.’
    • ‘Like balsam fir, white fir is relatively difficult to establish in plantations, and growth after planting is often very irregular.’
    • ‘The spruce budworm is a major insect defoliator of forests in northeastern North America, with balsam fir and white spruce figuring as the most vulnerable species.’
    • ‘In contrast, the constant recruitment of balsam fir and the late arrival of white cedar are responsible for their dominance a long time after fire.’
    • ‘It has reverted to forest, typically comprising 80% white spruce, 15% balsam fir and 5% red spruce, and the stands are reaching maturity.’
    • ‘In the southeastern boreal forest, large canopy openings caused by spruce budworm outbreaks may lead to a cyclical replacement of mature stands of balsam fir.’
    • ‘She walked around their lean-to and gathered the sticky residue from the balsam fir trees.’
    • ‘The epidemic affected primarily white spruce in old farm fields and balsam fir on the highlands.’