Definition of balmoral in English:



  • 1A round brimless hat with a cockade or ribbons attached, worn by certain Scottish regiments.

    • ‘He is a specialist in the production of highland hats such as glengarries for pipers/drummers and balmorals for daywear use.’
    • ‘For wear with battle dress beginning in 1939, tam o'shanters and balmorals were designated as field dress.’
    • ‘Some purists insist that balmorals are not ‘berets’ but ‘civilians’ call a Scottish blue bonnet a beret.’
    • ‘When a fedora, a bowler, a balmoral, a tam-o'-shanter, a Bombay Bowler, a pork-pie or a floppy-brimmed wideawake?’
  • 2A heavy laced leather walking boot.

    • ‘Bluchers are more appropriate than balmorals with jeans and business-casual, but balmorals are more appropriate with suits.’
    • ‘I believe balmorals should have a gap of ¼ " and bluchers about ¾ "; otherwise it looks so school-boyish.’
    • ‘Since balmorals are more formal than bluchers and broguing makes shoes less formal, where does this leave those shoes that are both brogued and balmorals?’
    gumboot, wellington, wader, walking boot, riding boot, field boot, jackboot, thigh boot, half-boot, ankle boot, pixie boot, chelsea boot, desert boot, moon boot, snow boot
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Mid 19th century (in balmoral (sense 2)): named after Balmoral Castle in Scotland.