Definition of Balmer series in English:

Balmer series


  • A series of lines in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum of atomic hydrogen, between 656 and 365 nanometres.

    • ‘Intriguing mathematical patterns did not stop with the set of spectral lines known as the Balmer series.’
    • ‘Bohr was not the first to apply quantum theory to atomic structure, but he was the first to derive detailed quantitative explanations of characteristic atomic spectra such as the Balmer series.’
    • ‘Also, the fact that the infrared is not so easily observed as the visible part of the spectrum also ensures the prominence of the Balmer series.’
    • ‘Using equation, calculate the wavelengths of the first seven lines in the Balmer series of hydrogen.’
    • ‘Students will be measuring the wavelengths of the Balmer series lines in this laboratory.’


From the name of the Swiss physicist J. J. Balmer (1825–98).


Balmer series