Definition of Balmain in English:


proper noun

  • A harbourside suburb of Sydney, close to the city centre.


  • Balmain boys don't cry

    • informal Used to emphasize the reputed toughness of men from Balmain.

      ‘Balmain boys don't cry mate, they only bruise a little’
      • ‘He told a royal commission, "Balmain boys don't cry. But if you prick us with a pin, we bleed like anyone else."’
      • ‘I'm conscious of a statement by a very prominent Australian who says Balmain boys don't cry.’
      • ‘It will be interesting to see how many Balmain Boys will be crying that night.’
      • ‘Balmain boys may not cry but they can get emotional when asked what makes being a dad so special.’
      • ‘He once famously said that Balmain boys don't cry.’


Named after the landowner William Balmain (1762–1803).