Definition of balls in English:


plural noun

vulgar slang
  • 1Testicles.

  • 2mass noun Courage or nerve.

    self-confidence, confidence, assurance, self-assurance, coolness, cool-headedness, self-possession
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  • 3British mass noun Nonsense; rubbish (often said to express strong disagreement).

    nonsense, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, blather, blether, moonshine
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[WITH OBJECT]balls something up
vulgar slang
  • Bungle something.

    wreck, ruin, spoil, disrupt, undo, upset, play havoc with, make a mess of, put an end to, end, bring to an end, put a stop to, terminate, prevent, frustrate, blight, crush, quell, quash, dash, scotch, shatter, vitiate, blast, devastate, demolish, sabotage, torpedo
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  • have someone/something by the balls

    • vulgar slang Have complete control over someone or something.

      ‘they've got us by the balls, and they know it’