Definition of ballpark in English:



  • 1North American A baseball ground.

    • ‘Generations and two ballparks ago, Kiner belted an awe-inspiring 192 home runs between 1947 and 1950 in spacious Forbes Field.’
    • ‘Lively baseballs, sluggers, and big ballparks lifted baseball's popularity to new heights.’
    • ‘My left fielder's watching it go out of the ballpark and the wind brings it back.’
    • ‘While smaller ballparks have juiced home run totals, they have the opposite advantage on gap-to-gap hitters who utilize expanses of grass.’
    • ‘You know, I hit 55 home runs in that ballpark, including two in my first two at-bats.’
    • ‘It's all about baseball and road trips and cities we'd never visit if they didn't have Major League Baseball ballparks.’
    • ‘And then there's the simplicity of a Visalia Oaks game - just baseball in a ballpark with no official name.’
    • ‘Anything having to do with ghosts, curses, eerie phenomena, and unexplained events in ballparks or associated with baseball teams is welcome.’
    • ‘Some of my line drives and fly balls that would have been home runs in other ballparks were against the fence for doubles in Washington.’
    • ‘Shrinking ballparks, postage-stamp strike zones, rocket-fueled baseballs and laboratory-powered hitters are just a few factors.’
    • ‘It doesn't hurt that he gets plenty of face time on the highlights with home runs that exit ballparks in the blink of an eye.’
    • ‘And it appears clear that new downtown ballparks designed especially for baseball are helping generate urban revival.’
    • ‘I would argue that artificial turf and big ballparks entered and exited the baseball world at about the same time.’
    • ‘Just about every seat at a minor league game would be VIP level, with waiter service included, at today's major league ballparks.’
    • ‘Attendance is up at 21 of the 30 major league ballparks, but here in Atlanta, the Braves are drawing their smallest crowds since 1991.’
    • ‘Every Tuesday here at the Daily Blog, we'll unveil a list of baseball rankings - from best bullpens to best ballparks to best movies.’
    • ‘Still it was quite extraordinary to see him point, then hit the very next pitch out of the ballpark.’
    • ‘Lou Gehrig fell ill at the ballpark after months of masking the disease that would be named for him and kill him off in two years.’
    • ‘‘It's the biggest ballpark in baseball right now,’ Gonzalez moaned.’
    • ‘Competitive players, efficient training and cozy ballparks lead to good baseball.’
  • 2informal An area or range within which an amount or estimate is likely to be correct.

    ‘we can make a pretty good guess that this figure's in the ballpark’
    • ‘In terms of global penetration, they are nowhere near being in the same ballpark as McDonald's, say.’
    • ‘Discussions of UK polls tend to assume that the polls are in the right ballpark, but this might not be the case.’
    • ‘It is not quite that simple, but it will put you in the ballpark.’
    • ‘But in this matter as in other larger ones in the same ballpark, the language of diminishing comparison is contemptible.’
    • ‘But it remains in the same ballpark as its Norwich-based competitor.’
    • ‘This is likely to be in the correct ballpark.’
    • ‘Somewhere in the middle is the likely ballpark for health spending in our lifetimes.’
    • ‘Based on what we have seen, the case numbers reported are in the ballpark.’
    • ‘That doesn't quite happen in A.I., but it's in the ballpark.’
    • ‘Not that there was much resemblance; it was just the only other countenance within the same ballpark of hideousness.’
    • ‘Perhaps the term ‘walk-up’ could be stretched as high as seven, eight, or at a maximum 10 storeys, but 25 isn't in the ballpark.’
    • ‘And that's already in the right ballpark for the observed amount of dark matter out there.’
    • ‘Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra is in the same ballpark, and, of course, Wagner, the original hammer of the gods.’
    • ‘Yes, that's still 17%, higher than the likely turnout but at least in the ballpark.’
    • ‘The Chinese have nothing in the same ballpark as the Indians when it comes to wielding soft power.’
    • ‘The new empirical evidence suggests that the average used by PWC is in the right ballpark, even after the time elapsed since the estimates were made.’
    • ‘Is the back of the envelope calculation in the ballpark or am I missing something here?’
    • ‘‘They [CSKA] are definitely in a different ballpark as regards spending,’ admitted McLeish.’
    • ‘That's a rough estimate, but it's in the correct ballpark.’
    • ‘I know a ballpark of what I want from a song and then I shade in the detail.’
    1. 2.1as modifier (of a price or cost) approximate.
      ‘the ballpark figure is $400–500’
      • ‘Although the time-scheme of this calendar is subject to frequent revision, a ballpark set of figures is good enough to drive home the point.’
      • ‘Is there a ballpark figure that you're seeking?’
      • ‘Detailed below are the characteristics and ballpark costs of each.’
      • ‘And while Krebs puts the ballpark cost of implementing the curriculum changes at $1 million, this does not include funding for new student resources.’
      • ‘The answer varies depending on underlying assumptions, but a rough ballpark figure is 20 times the area of Minnesota planted as corn.’
      • ‘This 40 per cent ballpark figure gives us 10 per cent of GDP or €11 billion which we might spend.’
      • ‘You can set up a quick-and-dirty test to generate ballpark values, or a more elaborate test to discriminate between populations that may be very similar.’
      • ‘But one said the US groups had been looking at ballpark values of between €2.6 billion and €3.0 billion.’
      • ‘Vendors will give you a ballpark estimate of calls the vendor expects to be able to complete using your database.’
      • ‘For more than just a ballpark estimate of your green infrastructure's value, you need high-resolution images.’
      • ‘That is only a ballpark estimate, but it is certainly not an insurmountably large sum.’
      • ‘How much will the pipeline cost to build, in ballpark terms?’
      • ‘Hibs are coy about the cost, but the ballpark figure for such stadium developments is typically 1million per 1,000 seats.’
      • ‘Last Post explained that only a ballpark room rate figure was required.’
      • ‘The prices listed are ballpark wholesale bottle prices.’
      • ‘Potential customers plug in facts about their business and get a ballpark estimate of how much they can save.’
      • ‘These DPV figures are ballpark measurements that understate the resources behind the major-party candidates.’
      • ‘I'm not happy with the fit of an altered store-bought suit, but I don't even know the ballpark price of one made for me.’
      • ‘But he won't give even a ballpark estimate of what the quotas would be.’
      • ‘My problem is that I have no idea what the response will be, so I can't come up with even a ballpark estimate of the amount of inventory I'll need.’
      general, non-specific, unspecific, unfocused, rough, approximate, overall, sweeping, basic, loose, indefinite, vague, hazy, fuzzy, woolly
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