Definition of ballotine in English:



  • A piece of roasted meat which has first been boned, stuffed, and folded or rolled into a cylindrical shape.

    • ‘My ballotine of fresh salmon, ratatouille dressing, black olives and basil oil was a delicate and delicious balance of taste and texture.’
    • ‘Terrines, galantines, and ballotines are perhaps the most familiar examples of the barding technique in the classical kitchen.’
    • ‘The rabbit ballotine was so plain as to be almost unpleasant.’
    • ‘To serve, place some foie gras and duck prosciutto ballotine in the center of a plate and insert a vanilla bean on top.’
    • ‘As we sniffed the ballotine of foie gras, we realised that it had been anointed with balsamic that was a mere 10 years old.’
    • ‘Neither rabbit ballotine nor game-bird terrine betray any gaminess.’
    • ‘The ballotine of rabbit with fondant potato Valrhona and hazelnut sauce seemed to represent the epitome of Kevin Thornton's art.’
    • ‘Wild salmon is smoked on the estate and served as a ballotine, with caviar.’
    • ‘Transfer to a cutting board and, using a sharp knife, trim the edges and cut the ballotine into six pieces.’
    • ‘There was also a ballotine of foie gras, which looked huge, a roasted scallop dish, and an intriguing-sounding lobster cannelloni with crispy duck and mango.’


Mid 19th century: French, ultimately from balle ‘a package of goods’.