Definition of ballot box in English:

ballot box


  • 1A sealed box into which voters put completed ballot papers.

    • ‘Chan failed to mention that many of the past campaigns he was involved in were defeated by voters at the ballot box.’
    • ‘Who, other than the voters, via the ballot box, should control the government?’
    • ‘Once polling ends, ballot boxes will be sealed and transferred under guard to eight counting centres.’
    • ‘The High Court ordered ballot boxes sealed pending an investigation, but has not ordered a recount.’
    • ‘That is a dramatic distortion of what voters said at the ballot box and created yet another phony majority government.’
    • ‘He demanded that the Central Election Commission seal all ballot boxes in the 13,000 polling booths around the island so that a recount could be done.’
    • ‘On a very basic level, the ongoing violence would make it difficult for voters to reach the ballot box.’
    • ‘There she will be able to fill in her ballot paper in private and put it in a ballot box.’
    • ‘In part, that's because getting young voters to the ballot boxes costs three times as much as doing so with older voters.’
    • ‘This could be explained by voters putting the slips in the wrong ballot box.’
    • ‘Private vehicles have been completely banned, but public transport has been laid on to get voters to the ballot boxes.’
    • ‘Once the review is completed, the Clerk is directed to ensure that the tapes are placed back in the ballot boxes, and that the ballot boxes are sealed again.’
    • ‘Councils across Greater Manchester have swapped the ballot box for the pillar box in a bid to stamp out low turnouts.’
    • ‘After making their choice, voters place their ballot papers in a sealed ballot box and leave the station.’
    • ‘According to Huang, ballots in the presidential ballot box will be counted before those in referendum boxes.’
    • ‘The presiding officer at a polling station in whose ballot boxes strange things appeared at the recount, was a tall, imposing, black man.’
    • ‘The NPC's manifesto is being given to all candidates and we will publish their responses before older voters go to the ballot box.’
    • ‘The polling station staff were sealing up the ballot boxes after showing their empty insides to the observers.’
    • ‘For how did one design party symbols, ballot papers and ballot boxes for a mostly unlettered electorate?’
    • ‘Under these circumstances no assessment was possible of the security of ballot papers, or ballot boxes, either before or after the vote.’
    1. 1.1the ballot box Democratic principles and methods.
      ‘the proper remedy was the ballot box and not the court’
      • ‘But if people showed through the ballot box their contempt for bigotry, a major blow could be struck against extremist politics.’
      • ‘I think that many people have spoken through the ballot box on that issue.’
      • ‘For much of the nineties, big business spent enormous energy on promoting the idea that markets and not the ballot box were the true instrument of democracy.’
      • ‘The entire issue goes far and beyond the issue of democracy through the ballot box.’
      • ‘People working for meaningful change have abandoned the ballot box in favour of direct action.’
      • ‘In a democracy, it is the ballot box that matters.’
      • ‘When a country has an elected government then any organisation using the bomb rather than the ballot box should be classed a terrorist organisation.’
      • ‘Mr Chibuluma said there was no alternative to making leaders accountable to their people than through the ballot box.’
      • ‘If we are to have a figurehead as the leader of the nation, let it be the people's choice via the ballot box and not someone's birthright.’
      • ‘Clerics must now share their ethical monopoly with the ballot box.’
      • ‘Zambia's democracy thrives on the ballot box and we call on all registered voters to collect their cards without fail.’
      • ‘Politics belongs in the ballot box and it doesn't belong in the jury box.’
      • ‘Representative democracies rely on popular will expressed through the ballot box.’
      • ‘It will show that peaceful changes of government through the ballot box are possible.’
      • ‘To begrudge them the right to choose their own government via the ballot box is hypocritical in the extreme.’


ballot box