Definition of balloonfish in English:



  • A tropical porcupine fish which lives in shallow water and can inflate itself when threatened.

    Diodon holocanthus, family Diodontidae

    • ‘Also called balloonfish, spiny puffers belong to the Tetraodontiformes, an order of fishes known for their strange structures and odd behaviors.’
    • ‘The skin of the balloonfish is dominated by larger spots or dark blotches that occur only on the body, not on the fins.’
    • ‘Swellfish, puffer fish, balloonfish, and blowfish are other names for ‘fugu’, I think.’
    • ‘On the right side, many favorites, such as the Cortez angelfish, trumpetfish or balloonfish await your arrival.’
    • ‘The conch we saw is safe from the balloonfish because its shell is too thick for the balloonfish to break.’
    • ‘When frightened, balloonfishes and pufferfishes swallow water and inflate their bodies, increasing their apparent size and erecting numerous sharp spines that deter many potential threats.’
    • ‘Adult balloonfish are found in relatively shallow areas of the ocean.’
    • ‘A type of puffer this balloonfish was taken around 9: 30 at night in the Cay Sal Banks region of the southern Bahamas.’
    • ‘We found a small turtle resting in the sand, a beautiful scorpionfish, a balloonfish, and several eels.’
    • ‘The balloonfish is usually a shy little fellow, who retreats to a safe hole in the reef to peak out warily.’
    • ‘The balloonfish swallows air, when attacked by avian predators, or water, when attacked by piscine predators.’