Definition of balloon-shaped in English:



  • Having a bulbous, rounded shape, tapering at one end.

    ‘a huge balloon-shaped brandy glass’
    • ‘Pour wine over ice cubes in a balloon-shaped wineglass.’
    • ‘The whisk is balloon-shaped for maximum aeration.’
    • ‘Her gown of light blue brocade had a matching sheer bolero, and was made with a balloon-shaped skirt.’
    • ‘To keep his head and get the girl, the male fly resorts to gift-giving, presenting the female with a small, balloon-shaped cocoon.’
    • ‘A sallow, almost balloon-shaped man with graying, black hair entered the hallway.’
    • ‘In the past the tasting of brandy was bedevilled by the mystique of the enormous balloon-shaped ballon glasses traditionally used.’
    • ‘The centre maintains nearly 40 strains of mice and rats and each strain live in three or four balloon-shaped bags, which should remain a germ-free environment for 24 hours.’
    • ‘Like any fine brandy, Armagnac should be drunk in a balloon-shaped glass.’
    • ‘The bladder is a balloon-shaped organ that stores urine.’
    • ‘The balloon-shaped misanthrope grabs the first seat around the corner and holds to the pole like the bus might leave without her.’
    bulging, round, fat, rotund, swollen, spherical, swelling, distended, bloated, protuberant, ovoid, convex, pear-shaped, bulb-shaped, balloon-shaped
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