Definition of ballet dancer in English:

ballet dancer


  • A person who dances in ballets.

    • ‘She was the most beautiful horse in the world; black like ebony, and she danced through the fields like a ballet dancer.’
    • ‘She has some years experience in showbiz, having trained as a classical ballet dancer and gone on to sing and dance in many musicals.’
    • ‘What is a reasonable length of time for an aspiring ballet dancer to audition before going to college?’
    • ‘For the ballet dancer, with a thirty-four-week contract, that's only $15,300 per year.’
    • ‘But for some reason a desire to dance on my toes will not leave me, and I cannot stop thinking about how deeply I want to be a real ballet dancer.’
    • ‘As a dancer, he swung away from his axis to revolutionize the role of the male ballet dancer.’
    • ‘The fragile nature of the ballet dancer's trade is brought into excruciating focus when the company's most prized ballerina snaps her Achilles tendon in rehearsal.’
    • ‘The gritty story of a coal miner's young son who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer is now a musical that's receiving rave reviews and nightly ovations.’
    • ‘Any collaboration between a ballet dancer and a postmodern choreographer unleashes a Pandora's box of stylistic dilemmas.’
    • ‘No ballet dancer should be in the position of having to unlearn eight years of poor training.’
    • ‘We would be discussing whether the San Francisco Ballet was within its rights to reject an aspiring ballet dancer.’
    • ‘Today, a group of ten reception year children will be having their first ballet lesson - with a professional ballet dancer.’
    • ‘He is a superb ballet dancer, yet here attempts to combine his enchanting talent with modern Cuban movement.’
    • ‘I am a ballet dancer who has always been a fan of tap, jazz, and musical theater dance.’
    • ‘I'm a ballet dancer and have been dancing for ten years.’
    • ‘‘I was going to be a ballet dancer or a painter or a comedienne or a teacher or a psychologist,’ she says of her earliest ambitions.’
    • ‘Like a ballet dancer on pointe, stillness is part of the lead up to falling.’
    • ‘I'm a former ballet dancer who prided myself on being in shape.’
    • ‘I felt every muscle tighten, all of my sinew, like a ballet dancer after she dances, every inch aching and tingling at once.’
    • ‘At the same time, the top-heavy elements often seem to rest gracefully on a tiny base, balanced like a ballet dancer on pointe.’


ballet dancer

/ˈbaleɪ dɑːnsə/