Definition of ball valve in English:

ball valve


  • 1A one-way valve that is opened and closed by pressure on a ball which fits into a cup-shaped opening.

    • ‘To assemble the unit, thread the nipple into the ball valve, then thread the nipple into the bushing.’
    • ‘A pneumatically operated ball valve controls the flow of liquid nitrogen through each lance, and the entire process is sequenced from a pushbutton control panel.’
    • ‘The machine features a mechanical ball valve that pushes and regulates grout with a maximum flow rate of 25-cubic-yards per hour.’
    • ‘He was able to put it out by shutting off a ball valve joint, used to attach the hose to propane fuel tanks and the balloon's burner.’
    • ‘Then we open the ball valve, sending the full force of the water uphill to the adjoining vegetable field.’
    1. 1.1British
      another term for ballcock
      • ‘If you've ever popped a ball valve with pressure behind it on a sanitary tank, you will understand.’
      • ‘It has been five decades since the Department of Science and Industrial Research announced the invention of a new type of ball valve which would hush the flush.’
      • ‘I'd love to help answer the questions, but I can't imagine how you have a ball valve above the drain.’
      • ‘Until whatever distant date in the future my landlord comes back, you have to stick your hand down in the tank and lift the flapper ball valve yourself.’
      • ‘My products are items like metal castings, ball valves and other plumb fitting accessories widely used by all residential properties.’