Definition of ball game in English:

ball game


  • 1A game played with a ball.

    • ‘The bonus ball game will start on Sunday the 5th of October in the Leitrim Bar, we would ask everyone to please give their support.’
    • ‘The keynote address was provided by Scottish rugby's chief coach who enthused the shintymen present with insights from his years in the oval ball game.’
    • ‘It only has one game which is pretty similar to the old pingpong ball game between two bats, with a twist.’
    • ‘Chabon weaves together those two myth-drenched cultures of America, the Indian and the ball game, and throws in an eco-fable too.’
    • ‘My oldest, Livia, invented a ball game with a brilliant yet inexplicable title: ‘Starburn or Philosophy.’’
    • ‘And, I'll have you know, you are now reading the village champion of the knocking the skittles down with a cricket ball game!’
    • ‘They also have big youth memberships and an estimated 1500 youngsters are now playing the oval ball game in the county.’
    • ‘A turnover to Singh on the halfway line and a score from the fast break made it a one-point ball game with a little over 90 seconds to go.’
    • ‘It must not be allowed to be a ‘flash in the pan’ football victory but instead the start of a something big in the big ball game.’
    • ‘According to David Block's new book Baseball Before We Knew It, the game may be traced to a continental ball game called la soule.’
    • ‘This may be the first huge step in rectifying the small ball game in a county where stones at the side of roads are reserved for footballers.’
    • ‘The blanket television coverage now being given to the oval ball game has certainly attracted many new converts to the sport in rural areas.’
    • ‘Rugby has copied too many faults of the round ball game and faking injury to get an opposition carded is one we can do without.’
    • ‘On Memorial Day, much of the patrol force was busy at the parade or at a ball game at the Polo Grounds, or was enjoying a day off granted to veterans.’
    • ‘Activities at the camp include football, bowling, cricket and bocce, which is an Italian ball game played in the special Olympics.’
    • ‘On it was played a ball game that resembled lacrosse.’
    • ‘The affable Jim, who captained both East Kerry and UCC to county championship honours, has adapted to the small ball game with the greatest of ease.’
    • ‘For instance the first ball game that we can find mention of is Te Sen which was played in China in about 350 years B. C.’
    • ‘Bring a cheap ball game with you too, one of those fluorescent plastic frisbee-type games you can buy down the market for 99p, or from the shop on the promenade for £3.99.’
    • ‘Money talks in rugby just as it does in the round ball game.’
    the situation, the position, the picture, the state of affairs, the state of play, the lie of the land
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    1. 1.1North American A baseball game.
      ‘I took the afternoon off and went to a ball game’
      • ‘Whenever we got one, Elaine would reward the person responsible with a $25 check, a gift certificate to a nail salon, or tickets to a ball game.’
      • ‘Think about all those scrumptious Wheat Dogs at the ball game.’
      • ‘Blair sighed, but waited until they were inside and sitting in the living room checking the ball game scores before he continued.’
      • ‘But, man, I'm sure having trouble remembering the last time this team played a decent ball game.’
      • ‘So, you're going to a ticketed event, like a concert or a ball game.’
      • ‘Before Miller, you could actually afford to go to a ball game.’
      • ‘The Phillies' starters are not going to put a lot of fear into the opposing team, but they go out and compete and keep their team in every ball game.’
      • ‘We are gouged enough with the outrageous prices of going to a ball game.’
      • ‘The first time the Giants came in that season, I hit a key home run off my friend, Jim Hearn, and won the ball game for our team.’
      • ‘Otherwise you can pitch me every day if you feel I can help you win a ball game.’
      • ‘If you go to the ball game, you don't need to read the game story.’
      • ‘He was in town with his wife, and they took in a minor league ball game earlier in the day.’
      • ‘I say we've seen only the first inning of the Internet ball game.’
      • ‘He could spot mental mistakes and misjudgments in a ball game quicker than an airborne eagle catches sight of prey scurrying around on the ground.’
      • ‘‘I entered the ball game late for defense at first base, replacing Nate Colbert in the eighth inning’ Fairly, 65, said.’
      • ‘Never in my life have I had any desire to hear someone playing an organ anywhere else, but for some reason it just feels right at a ball game.’
      • ‘I had not played in a major league ball game since July 1952.’
      • ‘Albany is home to about the same number of people as you'd find at a poorly attended minor league ball game.’
      • ‘I would take you to a movie or a ball game, but I'm stuck here.’
      • ‘It didn't exactly live up to the hype in terms of classic showdowns, but it generated more than its share of heat, and a great ball game nonetheless.’
  • 2informal in singular A particular situation, especially one that is completely different from the previous situation.

    ‘making the film was a whole new ball game for her’
    • ‘Slowly the ratings shifted, and again it was a new ball game, and WCW's decreased production quality and management issues cause a major change.’
    • ‘I know it's going to be very different when I go out on the market, which I will probably be doing soon, but I know it's going to be a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘And when you can slip on a headset and enjoy a lively shared experience in the comfort of your own home, well, that's a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘If the government tries that trick, then we're in a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘However, the introduction of politics, instead of safety concerns, as grounds for reasonable refusal is a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘Just as we were figuring out how to deal with ‘Cold War America’ the world changed and ‘Global America’ is going to be a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘The new-style number plates have opened up a whole new ball game for collectors of personalised registrations.’
    • ‘Once you start changing the whole ecosystem, the community structures and sizes, you've got a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘‘This was a whole new ball game and a whole new lifestyle,’ he said later.’
    • ‘Now if they are suddenly wronged or something derogatory is said about them, as in Faldo's case, then it is a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘I think if he does, he's starting a whole new ball game as far as setting a precedent.’
    • ‘I have no children of my own so this is a whole new ball game for me.’
    • ‘However the young filmmaker's second film ‘Little Terrorist’ was a different ball game altogether.’
    • ‘She's very wary of him, George, this interview is a whole new ball game from the one with Podge earlier on.’
    • ‘Then we're in a whole new ball game and all bets are off: for the next few minutes, ‘Best Picture’ is suddenly wide open.’
    • ‘Once you put your foot on a links, golf is a whole new ball game.’
    • ‘Now there is a whole new ball game and it is very tactful stuff.’
    • ‘For manager Billy Harty its very much a new ball game, and I suspect he will experience just how tough it can, and will, be over the coming months.’
    • ‘That policy has been effective for more than 25 years, but now that the megacity's suburban councillors are making decisions for the central city, it's a new ball game.’
    • ‘I think when the Lennons were there, it was a different ball game.’


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