Definition of ball-shaped in English:



  • Spherical like a ball.

    ‘a wheelbarrow with a ball-shaped wheel for added stability’
    • ‘When I saw that they sold little ball-shaped zucchini, I instantly decided to get a few, because anything round and small and cute gets my enthusiastic vote.’
    • ‘The blaze broke out in a room housing electrical equipment on the third floor of the ball-shaped structure of the two-building complex.’
    • ‘You can choose ball-shaped candles or the ones shaped like a wine glass (whose makers assure you that they last for 18 to 20 hours).’
    • ‘A buckyball is a ball-shaped molecule made up of 60 carbon atoms.’
    • ‘Wilson, 69, was near his home when he spotted the bright ball-shaped light in the sky.’
    • ‘She's of an indeterminate middle age wearing a long-haired purple fake fur ball-shaped jacket.’
    • ‘Pompons have small ball-shaped flowers, on plants that are usually under 18 inches tall.’
    • ‘This dinosaur's brain, about half the size of ours, had a ball-shaped mass, 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter.’
    • ‘I looked up through the windshield and saw a bright silver orb or ball-shaped object.’
    • ‘When I bought my house, there were immense, ball-shaped evergreens on either side of the front stoop.’
    • ‘Israeli couscous is a small, ball-shaped pasta available in some supermarkets and natural-food stores and in Middle Eastern markets.’
    • ‘Candles of just about every size - the usual sticks, to ball-shaped and even hexagonal candles - steal much market attention.’
    • ‘Swindon's newest landmark, a four-sided ball-shaped clock set in a huge stainless steel tree, has been greeted with a mixed response by shoppers.’
    • ‘I recently bought a ball-shaped moneybox showing a group of rabbits attending the christening of a baby rabbit.’
    • ‘The artist Erwin Lipburger built a ball-shaped house with a barbed-wire fence around it on a small plot in the Vienna Prater.’
    • ‘He held a green mint iced tea, with a tiny ball-shaped mint ice-cube floating at the surface.’
    • ‘I'm always on the lookout for unusual fruits or vegetables, and those tiny ball-shaped pears did not escape my notice.’
    round, globular, globe-shaped, orb-shaped, orb-like, bulbous, bulb-shaped, balloon-like
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