Definition of Balkan in English:



  • Relating to the Balkan Mountains or to the countries occupying the part of SE Europe lying south of the Danube and Sava Rivers.

    ‘films from the Balkan countries’
    ‘a Balkan state’
    • ‘Macedonian food is typically Balkan.’
    • ‘The different regions of Greece have absorbed elements of the music of their Turkish, Balkan, and Italian neighbours, so that it is impossible to speak of a single tradition.’
    • ‘Will the Balkan region become a center for contemporary dance?’
    • ‘She has published extensively on Eastern European and Balkan cinema.’
    • ‘He says the post-war pottery is Balkan in style because the Trojans were keen to align themselves with the people there.’
    • ‘The horseshoe-shaped country is in the Balkan peninsula, along the Adriatic coast.’
    • ‘Right now the focus is mixing Balkan music with Latin American, because those two have discovered each other and are going bananas.’