Definition of Balearic in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈlɪərɪk//ˌbalɪˈarɪk/


  • 1Relating to the Balearic Islands.

    ‘the Balearic government’
    • ‘Positioning oneself for optimum tanning on a Balearic beach requires some thought.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for the Balearic Institute of Tourism said, "They have guaranteed that there will be no more strikes in the Balearics."’
    • ‘The 43-year-old last won on the European Tour at the 1994 Balearic Open.’
    • ‘McConnell had opted for the Balearic sunshine rather than a New Year in freezing Scotland.’
    • ‘The Balearic archipelago has a rich endemic element.’
    • ‘Darren is a Balearic virgin but I've been to 'the big island' several times and I can't wait to show him round.’
    • ‘Balearic minister Eberhard Grosske described the situation as "lamentable."’
    • ‘Last week the Balearic government's tourism minister flew to the island only to be greeted by striking airport workers.’
    • ‘Molecular data indicated that western and eastern Balearic populations of the complex (H. grosii and H. balearica) were more closely related to each other than to continental populations (H. valentina).’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting a style of synthesized dance music that developed in Ibiza.
      ‘the Balearic beat’
      • ‘The album opens with "Ola," a generous portion of smooth, Balearic house furnished with acoustic guitar, gentle piano and Mr Kershaw's soprano sax.’
      • ‘The net result is still a fluent collection of blissed-out Balearic sunset moments and lounge beats for the ever expanding bar culture.’
      • ‘Sally and Steve have been king and queen of the Balearic chill out set for the last decade.’
      • ‘The expensive Only This Moment, which follows, is resolutely bolder and proudly displays its Balearic influences on its sleeves.’
      • ‘The result of the club attention was an invitation for Poloroid to perform a bespoke Balearic set live for Radio 1 in Ibiza, an experience Dan will never forget.’
      • ‘One Dove's only full-length, Morning Dove White, combined Balearic chill with Neil Young folkiness and arcing feedback.’
      • ‘Diz Washington does the honours covering Christopher Cross' Balearic favourite "Sailing."’


From Latin Balearis + -ic.