Definition of baldric in English:



  • A belt for a sword or other piece of equipment, worn over one shoulder and reaching down to the opposite hip.

    • ‘He plucked several throwing knives from his baldric and placed the blade of a long-bladed knife between his teeth.’
    • ‘The whole thing then had to be hung via a baldric either over the shoulder or around the waist.’
    • ‘Their clothes were bloodstained, armaments hanging at belts and baldrics.’
    • ‘The walking figure has a baldric strapped across his chest from which hangs a long sword in a scabbard.’
    • ‘He drew it on and reached up for his sword, looping the baldric over his head and settling the hilt against his left shoulder blade, and Tala cleared her throat.’
    belt, sash, strap, cummerbund, waistband, band, girth, cord, fillet
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Middle English baudry, from Old French baudre, of unknown ultimate origin.