Definition of bald cypress in English:

bald cypress


  • another term for swamp cypress
    • ‘Houses at outlying nodal communities did not contain red cedar or bald cypress.’
    • ‘Buttressed trunks (called ‘knees’) are telltale signs of mature bald cypress, like these champs in the Cypress Preserve in Greenville, Mississippi.’
    • ‘Growing with the bald cypress are two other species of trees that commonly have buttressed trunks but lack the cypress's ‘knees ‘- tupelo gum and pumpkin ash.’
    • ‘This conifer, like the bald cypress and pond cypress of the southeastern United States, is deciduous, losing all of its short, soft needles in the autumn.’
    • ‘But what do you know about eastern hemlock, bald cypress, or ponderosa pines?’
    • ‘The Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary protects the country's northernmost naturally occurring stand of bald cypress.’
    • ‘There were a million acres of ancient bald cypress, and loggers came from all over the country to cut the forest down.’
    • ‘Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, a nature center that is home to the northernmost naturally occurring stand of bald cypress trees in America, has a self-guided boardwalk trail.’
    • ‘No symbolic plant remains (red cedar, bald cypress, tobacco) were recovered from this feature or from any internal features.’
    • ‘Those structures that incorporated white oak were also the only residences that incorporated coniferous woods, red cedar, and bald cypress.’
    • ‘Slow-growing trees that thrive in fresh-water swamps, bald cypresses are disappearing all over the Southeast.’
    • ‘In the Pocomoke State Forest, the scenic Pocomoke River twists through stands of bald cypress.’
    • ‘I have three 12-year-old bald cypresses in a relatively small front yard.’
    • ‘In the early part of the 20th century, the logging industry turned from the Midwest to the bald cypress and hardwood bottomlands of the South.’
    • ‘Our destination was the marsh edge, where we admired a stand of bald cypress, Taxodium distichum.’
    • ‘With enlarged, buttressed bases and cone-shaped ‘knees’ to anchor them in their watery habitat, bald cypresses may tower as high as a hundred feet.’
    • ‘Open marsh Sandweed grows extensively beneath bald cypress, pond cypress, swamp bay, swamp tupelo, and other trees.’
    • ‘Pearsall's project eventually aims to keep peat sequestered under the soil by planting the coast with thousands of salt-tolerant bald cypress trees.’
    • ‘The tree species included dawn redwood, ginkgo, bald cypress, and relatives of present-day sassafras, tulip tree, and magnolia.’
    • ‘Those on the ‘highest’ level had access to ritually and symbolically significant soft woods, red cedar and bald cypress.’