Definition of Bakewell tart in English:

Bakewell tart


  • A baked open pie consisting of a pastry case lined with jam and filled with almond sponge cake.

    mass noun ‘the recipe for Bakewell tart’
    • ‘A spiced apple pie for me, and a Bakewell tart with apricots for Gina.’
    • ‘Its a nice little village, nowhere near as exciting as Matlock Bath, but its home of Bakewell tarts and puddings, and the worlds nicest Carrot cake.’
    • ‘Mix rhubarb puree with raspberries instead of jam in a hot Bakewell tart.’
    • ‘The Bakewell tart is known to all right-thinking people as the Bakewell tart.’
    • ‘The Bakewell tart is part of the heritage of England.’
    • ‘It is also used as an ingredient in baking, for instance: spread between layers of cake; used as a glaze on open fruit tarts; as a filling in jam tarts and doughnuts; and as a layer in some puddings, for instance, Bakewell tart.’
    • ‘Sally Lunn's buns are perhaps not as well known as Bakewell tart, Richmond maids of honour and Eccles cakes but that is because they never appear outside their home town.’
    • ‘I make the best Bakewell tart in Hale, Cheshire.’
    • ‘For the longest time I have been lusting after a slice of Bakewell tart.’
    • ‘Now is the time to dig out classic recipes for forgotten puddings such as treacle tart, Eve's pudding, lemon Meringue pie and Bakewell tart.’
    • ‘The dinner menu will perhaps offer dry-aged Scottish sirloin steak with roast potatoes, followed by Bakewell tart and Devon cream.’
    • ‘Dishes ranged from the traditional such as Bakewell tart with custard and sticky toffee pudding to the more unusual such as chocolate brandy cake and banoffi liqueur meringue.’
    • ‘In Britain we pound them into marzipan and flavour Bakewell tart with their essence.’
    • ‘Legend has it that the original Bakewell tart was the result of a mistake made by the cook at the Rutland Arms in Bakewell.’
    • ‘Christmas pudding only managed 13 th place but was still ahead of rivals such as spotted dick in 15th, Bakewell tart in 19th and summer pudding in 21st and last place.’
    • ‘Bakewell tart is a classic dish to serve at a formal tea.’
    • ‘E and I are going in the car and straight to the Bakewell tart and antique shops.’


Named after the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire.


Bakewell tart

/ˌbeɪkwɛl ˈtɑːt/