Definition of bakeware in English:



mass noun
  • Tins, trays, and other items used during baking.

    • ‘Stewart hopes to turn around the fortunes of a company that produces everything from television shows to bakeware.’
    • ‘They'll tell you which type of bakeware is the sturdiest, but they won't hold your hand and nod while you debate which size gratin dish you really need.’
    • ‘I'm wondering if you guys had any suggestions for the best bakeware in the market.’
    • ‘This product provides meaningful advantages over existing aluminum bakeware: It's reusable, presentable, microwavable and dishwasher safe.’
    • ‘Although the majority of stock focuses on providing the basics such as kettles, ironing boards, bedside lamps and bakeware, there's no shortage of fashionable accessories or indulgences to tempt the casual browser.’
    • ‘So my bakeware doesn't get the workout that my cookware does.’
    • ‘To protect yourself, determine what your cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, and utensils are made of; you'll probably need to contact the manufacturer to check.’
    • ‘The headline should promise that you, with your chipped measuring cups, twenty-year-old bakeware and a busted sifter, can throw it together in ten minutes or less.’
    • ‘Another good thing I think is that I don't need too many utensils or bakeware; I typically use only three stuff: a tablespoon, a whisk, and a microwave-proof storage container (I prefer to use a Ziploc 4-cup square container).’
    • ‘Insulated bakeware can prevent your cookies from reaching the desired temperature in the right amount of time. Try using a non-insulated pan, or raise your oven temperature by 25 degrees.’
    • ‘Plates, pots, pans, and other bakeware go on the bottom.’
    • ‘In our tests, eating the extra glaze with a spoon was our second favorite thing about this recipe - just behind the pleasure of acquiring new bakeware.’
    • ‘Buy baking dishes and other bakeware for baking in your kitchen.’
    • ‘Find cake decorating pan, wilton cake pan and wilton bakeware items on eBay.’
    • ‘Use the poinsettia pot as your centerpiece and serve that delicious hot breakfast in the square deep bakeware dishes.’