Definition of bakery in English:



  • 1A place where bread and cakes are made or sold.

    as modifier ‘bakery items’
    • ‘Here are some of my favorite breads from various bakeries across Paris.’
    • ‘With the end of bread rationing new bakeries were established and consumers were offered a wide range of loaves and were bidden to be choosy.’
    • ‘He will also trace superior breads, cakes, fruits and vegetables to their classical bakeries and gardens.’
    • ‘Bell, which makes savoury pies, pastries and cakes at bakeries in Shotts and Livingston, leads the pack of interested parties.’
    • ‘In the place of the age-old Iyengar bakeries are trendy cake shops.’
    • ‘They expect most of the food will be donated by supermarkets, bakeries, butcher shops and individuals.’
    • ‘Before the dancing began, each table bid for a cake courtesy of local bakeries.’
    • ‘Now they are devising plans for further investment in the chilled food factory which supplies distributors to bakeries, delis and sandwich shops.’
    • ‘Restaurants like Chez Panisse supported this movement by featuring classic European breads of local bakeries.’
    • ‘The project also provides bi-weekly rations of bread from local bakeries for elderly pensioners.’
    • ‘There are now designer boutiques, bakeries selling ciabattas, and that telltale sign of overaffluence - the Bang and Olufsen shop.’
    • ‘These are standard ingredients used in large bakeries that make loaf bread.’
    • ‘For 100-300 yuan, you can get a boxed set of moon cakes from bakeries and supermarkets throughout the city.’
    • ‘Supermarket bakeries commonly rush their bread, using quick-rise yeast which results in a fluffier, lighter product.’
    • ‘Birthday parties were scary for me; she has a lot of Asian friends who get their birthday cakes from Chinese bakeries.’
    • ‘Long queues of people waiting in front of baladi bread bakeries for hours have become a common scene in Cairo and other governorates.’
    • ‘All the star hotels had cake sales and most bakeries ended up selling cakes at discount prices.’
    • ‘Bread came from bakeries, meat from butchers, and fish from a fishmongers and there was only one supermarket in Swindon, he thought.’
    • ‘Driving through the town, I saw bakeries and shops stacked with loaves of bread!’
    • ‘There is provision to give commercial uses in residential areas for some special purposes, like setting up bakeries and grocery shops.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Baked goods such as bread and cakes.
      ‘a table overflowing with home-made bakery and wine’
      • ‘When I'm not doing an Art Show with all my handmade jewelry and homemade bakery, I add many other items to my shows.’
      • ‘We were greeted with a small fortune in wine and cheese and a day's toil in homemade bakery.’
      • ‘Fresh bakery has a special place in my heart.’
      • ‘Featuring a market atmosphere, fresh bakery, comfortable couches, made to order fare and specialty coffee bar, Portobello's energetic and interactive environment is perfect any time of the day.’
      • ‘It's true that we're very busy-bees today & the lack of time restricts us to spend more time in the kitchen & bake homemade bakery.’
      • ‘We consistently remind customers that they can buy fresh bakery at very reasonable prices.’
      • ‘Bread machines create fresh and easy homemade bakery for your family's enjoyment at any time!’
      • ‘We pride ourselves on creating some of the tastiest, homemade bakery around!’
      • ‘There was no running water and no bakery, but gave great comfort to the citizens of Sarajevo with his newspaper.’
      • ‘It won't just make the cake bigger, it will convert the cake into a full fledged bakery.’
      • ‘Here is the production of homemade stearin candles, herb candy, and they serve homemade bakery.’
      • ‘I am a baker/candy maker specializing in homemade bakery and candy.’
      • ‘I found some bakery on the table and decided to eat a piece.’
      • ‘Family owned and operated, Beckwith Orchards offers a variety of apples, cider, delicious homemade bakery and gift baskets.’
      • ‘Warm homemade bakery of the day, sliced fresh seasonal fruit plate & cherry cider, and homemade granola & milk are delivered to your door.’