Definition of baked goods in English:

baked goods

plural noun

  • Bread, cakes, pastries, and similar items of food that are cooked in an oven.

    ‘the moment you open the door at Billy's Bakery the aroma of baked goods overwhelms you’
    ‘bran can impart a hearty flavour to breads and other baked goods’
    • ‘Western baked goods are widely available.’
    • ‘I'd seen their cookbooks in far away places and couldn't wait to try one of their baked goods.’
    • ‘Local markets and fairs usually offer regional products and baked goods.’
    • ‘After selecting a tree, many of their weekend customers head across the road to the basement of the Salem Grove Methodist Church for hot drinks, baked goods, and craft items.’
    • ‘His latest cookbook, A Baker's Tour, is a terrific and comprehensive overview of the world's most delicious baked goods.’
    • ‘Holiday meals tend to center on local fish or conch, rice and peas, baked goods, and fresh fruit.’
    • ‘Italian pastry-cooks worked in both France and England during the 16th century and introduced many new baked goods.’
    • ‘The company has recently added food scientists with expertise in confectionary, baked goods, dairy products and beverages.’
    • ‘In European cookery, cinnamon is mainly used for flavouring baked goods and confectionery.’
    • ‘Festive occasions call for special baked goods such as baklava.’
    • ‘I was planning to bake some muffins for breakfast next day, but I figured it was too late in the evening, and I had already had enough baked goods anyways.’
    • ‘At Christmastime, everyone for miles around comes to buy her baked goods, as well as ornaments and other Christmas necessities.’
    • ‘She always brought a basket full of home baked goods to any social gathering.’
    • ‘This bakery was very nice: the bread looked good, they had samples on the counter, and the baked goods seemed scrumptious.’
    • ‘With 37 franchises and six family-owned locations, the company, which specializes in Caribbean baked goods, boasts revenues of $32 million.’
    • ‘In addition to washing, cooking, and performing custodial chores, some of these women sold baked goods and took in sewing.’
    • ‘Holiday pastries flavored with almond paste are a major component of Dutch baked goods.’
    • ‘Those in the know steer clear of the cut-price, day-old baked goods.’
    • ‘Bread and other baked goods are trucked in daily in partially-baked form and finished off in a browning oven.’
    • ‘Eggs are found in a wide range of foods, including baked goods and mayonnaise.’