Definition of bajada in English:



  • A broad slope of alluvial material at the foot of an escarpment.

    • ‘These relationships are best illustrated in the Palomas Basin where up to three intercalated axial fluvial ‘wedges’ bevel the prominent bajada along the active fault-bounded Caballo Mountains.’
    • ‘The very presence of ironwoods along a bajada slope may increase bird diversity by 63 percent.’
    • ‘The closest major one to the south is Swallow Canyon, which features a large cottonwood grove out on the bajada (alluvial plain) in front of it.’
    • ‘They grade both northward and southward into coalesced alluvial fans forming the bajada that flanks the margins of the mountains.’
    • ‘Cercidium microphyllum, a green-stemmed, drought - deciduous tree 3 to 5 m high, is a dominant woody legume on rocky slopes and bajadas throughout the Sonoran Desert.’
    • ‘But the main barrier is the land itself, an expanse of sun-whitened, heat-hazed bajada telescoping the waist-high vegetation to nothing.’
    • ‘Periodic downcutting in many Quaternary valley settings is witnessed by bajadas comprising ‘nested’ marginal fans, river-cut terraces and perched fan inset surfaces.’
    • ‘Tectonic uplands bordering active faults are usually drained by steep catchments feeding alluvial fans, adjacent examples of which coalesce to define continuous bajadas (base-of-slope deposits).’
    • ‘High-density scrubs are found on lower bajadas, sloping less than 1.5%, whereas low-density scrubs occur on upper bajadas sloping more than 3%.’
    • ‘The flood of January I was a recurrence of the process that built the Montrose-La Crescenta bajada slope and the Glendale fan.’
    • ‘All transects were located on the eastern bajada slope of Mount Summerford.’
    • ‘She hasn't looked at the scenic mountain range, valleys, bajadas, washes, and hills all around her.’
    • ‘Adjacent fans may merge to form a broad sloping surface, known as a bajada, at the foot of a mountain range.’
    • ‘Ephemeral stream channels are organized hierarchically on the bajada slopes from the mountains to the valley bottoms.’
    • ‘This tends to confirm that the bajada slope represents a major axis of species compositional change.’
    • ‘Key distinguishing features are the presence of broadly horizontal erosion surfaces and overlying axial river alluvium inset into bajada deposits in the former case.’
    hill, hillside, hillock, bank, rise, escarpment, scarp
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Mid 19th century: from Spanish, descent, slope.