Definition of baitcasting in English:



mass noun
  • Fishing by throwing a bait or lure into the water on the end of a line using a rod and reel.

    • ‘These three rules of thumb are the basis for making overhead baitcasting a dream.’
    • ‘The use of a baitcasting tackle requires more skill than using spinning gear.’
    • ‘I took the plunge and converted to baitcasting gear, that is: a shorter rod, multiplier reel and braided line.’
    • ‘Baitcasting is a method of fishing distinguished by the use of a revolving-spool reel.’
    • ‘For baitcasting, go with a 6 1/2-to 7-foot rod in a medium or medium-light action rod.’
    • ‘Bait casting rods are perfect for top water plug action with comparatively heavy line.’
    • ‘The vast majority of today's baitcasting reels employ such a guide and are called "level-wind" reels.’
    • ‘Baitcasting reel has a free rotating spool that provides less friction than fixed spool reels thereby offering greater casting distance and accuracy.’
    • ‘When it comes to fishing reels, the Holy Grail would be one of the early 19th century brass baitcasting reels handmade by Kentucky watchmaker George Snyder, according to a review of the Old Reel Collectors Club website.’
    • ‘My ageing father sat in a lawn chair on the Nelson city wharf, baitcasting, while I used his father's bamboo fly rod, a family heirloom made of Tonkin cane.’
    • ‘Ever wonder what it’d be like to fish 4lb test on a baitcasting rig?’
    • ‘OK, you have a new baitcasting reel just out of the box.’
    • ‘I played baitcasting backup and chunked a quarter-ounce jig rigged with a Norton Sand Eel Jr.’
    • ‘They were armed with standard largemouth bass tackle - baitcasting reels, stout casting rods and what looked to be 12-to 17-pound line.’
    • ‘I have an Abu Garcia 5500CL3 bait casting reel that is in like new condition.’