Definition of Baisakhi in English:



  • A Sikh festival held annually to commemorate the founding of the khalsa by Gobind Singh in 1699.

    • ‘Meanwhile, Sikh families in Kunduz can celebrate their religious Baisakhi festival for the first time in 15 years.’
    • ‘Mumbai used to be our second home around Baisakhi every year, when the Aga Khan and the Bombay Gold Cup used to be held.’
    • ‘This was also the spirit as hundreds of people from the Sikh community gathered at the Gurudwara at Thevara to offer prayers on Baisakhi day on Sunday.’
    • ‘Guru Gobind Singh was formally installed Guru on the Baisakhi day of 1733 Bk / 29 March 1676.’
    • ‘Thurrock's Asian population will be out in force on Sunday, April 20 at the annual Baisakhi festival.’
    • ‘He also admitted in his deposition that the gathering at the Bagh was not a concentration only of rebels, but people who had covered long distances to participate in the Baisakhi fair.’
    • ‘Besides a display of posters that reflect the Baisakhi spirit, all customers walking into the store will be provided reading material on the festival.’
    • ‘Remember in the Baisakhi fair he defeated all the wrestlers in the area?’
    • ‘Vaisakhi, also spelled Baisakhi is a long established harvest festival in the Punjab.’
    • ‘The wrappings of the Nishan Sahib flag post at most gurdwaras are also changed on Baisakhi.’
    • ‘Be it the festival of Baisakhi or a happy occasion of wedding, birthday etc., if it is a Punjabi party, it is not complete without Bhangra - anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘At the Lala Lajpat Rai Hall at the Coimbatore Punjabi Association, a select gathering had assembled to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi.’
    • ‘In April, over 20 Christian tribals near Malda re-converted to Hinduism on Baisakhi.’
    • ‘A bhangra by children to highlight the merriment of Baisakhi won a generous round of applause.’
    • ‘The restaurant, which opened to the public on Baisakhi day, has a very pleasing ambience with a seating style that woos people in groups, especially families who would like to eat out.’
    • ‘A sense of camaraderie was all pervasive among members of the Sikh community when Baisakhi festival was observed in Tirupati for two days from April 14.’
    • ‘So, Baisakhi is an important festival for the Sikhs because it is a formal celebration of the brotherhood of their community.’
    • ‘Among the gathering, a large number were daily workers and artisans from the countryside and many visitors from adjoining villages who had come to the city for the Baisakhi celebrations.’
    • ‘It was a Baisakhi celebration with a difference.’
    • ‘On Saturday, there was much rejoicing at the Gurudwara Singh Sabha at V. V. C. Layout, as over 500 devotees gathered to celebrate Baisakhi, the beginning of the New Year.’


From Sanskrit Vaiśākha, denoting a month of the Hindu lunar year corresponding to April–May, regarded in some areas as the start of the new year.