Definition of Bairam in English:



  • either of two annual Muslim festivals, Greater Bairam and Lesser Bairam (see Eid)
    • ‘These Bairams are named Greater Bairam and Ramadan Bairam.’
    • ‘President Hosni Mubarak on Tuesday performed the Lesser Bairam prayers at Al Salam Mosque in the South Sinai Governorate resort of Sharm el Sheikh.’
    • ‘They regard the Lesser Bairam as an important holiday and the Greater Bairams as a small holiday.’
    • ‘On Tuesday morning last, 1st Shawall, 1323, the festival of the Lesser Bairam, or Eid-ul-Fitr, was celebrated at the Liverpool Mosque in an appropriate manner.’
    • ‘In the region of Reka, the very day of Bairam celebration begins with a Ramadan-Bairam prayer; then people visit the cemetery to pay respect to passed-away ancestors and relatives.’
    • ‘He felt no qualm in telling me that he too attended prayers on Eid (Bairam in local parlance) and mainly to please his mother.’
    • ‘Then children of neighbours, elders, friends are visited and their Bairam is congratulated.’
    • ‘The MRF said they were not invited to the meeting and refused to comment on Turkkan's statements because of the Ramadan Bairam holiday.’
    • ‘It has become part of important feasts in the West, whereas we Muslims have no other festivals except the Lesser and the Greater Bairams.’
    • ‘At the end of the first day of Bairam, after such a stressful day of mandatory visits and acting as a good boy, Erkan is overwhelmed with Football Manager 2006.’
    • ‘The festivities for Ramadan Bairam begin after the end of the holy month.’
    • ‘Millions of Muslims celebrated yesterday the first day of the Lesser Bairam.’
    • ‘They are not even allowed to go to Mosques to perform Bairam ritual worship.’


From Turkish baïram (earlier form of bayram), from Persian baẕrām.