Definition of bail bondsman in English:

bail bondsman


  • A person who charges a fee to criminal defendants in exchange for standing as surety for their bail.

    ‘I sent the bail bondsman down to the jail to put up a $75,000 bail’
    • ‘The way bail bonds work is you have to put up a percentage of the money, and the bail bondsman thus guarantees the full amount.’
    • ‘Advertisements for pawn shops, bail bondsmen and flea markets confirm a crisis.’
    • ‘As bail bondsmen know, just about everyone has some money that they can fork over to free themselves from a tight spot.’
    • ‘I'm a licensed bail bondsman in the state of Virginia.’
    • ‘If it weren't for the bail bondsmen, you'd have prison overcrowding, and who takes care of that but the taxpayer.’
    • ‘I could do a million things here, but they would all end up with me calling a bail bondsman.’
    • ‘Apart from local government offices and lawyers, the area is more notable for bail bondsmen, thrift shops and old houses.’
    • ‘There is a bail bondsman out in San Diego who has stated that he has put $50,000 in a trust account for the case.’
    • ‘"Find me a bail bondsman in Palm Beach County."’
    • ‘The Lakers never needed a bail bondsman to get him out of jail at 3 in the morning.’