Definition of bagworm in English:



  • A drab moth, the caterpillar and flightless female of which live in a portable protective case constructed out of plant debris.

    Family Psychidae: many genera

    • ‘It works well only on young bagworms and must be applied between June 15th and July 15th to be effective.’
    • ‘I'm like a bagworm that's lost its bag, a snail without its shell.’
    • ‘The heat from that burning will do more permanent damage to the tree than the bagworms ever will.’
    • ‘When many small bagworms are infesting evergreens, an insecticide may be needed to prevent serious damage.’
    • ‘So, we typically recommend Kansans spray for bagworms in June, to give all the year's eggs time to hatch.’
    • ‘These problems include bagworms, pine wilt disease, Sphaeropsis Tip Blight of pine, along with others.’
    • ‘Dispersal of bagworms depends on the hatchlings getting out on a twig and letting out a long strand of silk.’
    • ‘Some of the bagworms can be identified by the shape of their cases or by the material used to construct them.’
    • ‘The bag is firmly attached by a sturdy silk band which the bagworms usually wrap around a twig.’
    • ‘When the commercial product is applied while the bagworm is still a larva, the bacterium can be very effective.’
    • ‘Since deciduous plants regrow new leaves each year, the defoliation caused by bagworm feeding is usually not serious.’
    • ‘We are all guilty of spraying an entire juniper hedge for bagworms when only three or four bags were seen which could have been easily picked off and crushed.’
    • ‘This is the time when bagworm eggs have hatched but have not yet formed their protective covering.’
    • ‘Inside every case once inhabited by a female bagworm are up to 1,000 eggs, which hatch in June.’
    • ‘When fully grown, the bagworm fastens its covering to a twig and pupates within it.’
    • ‘Large populations of bagworms can strip plants of their foliage and eventually cause them to die.’
    • ‘The bagworm occurs in the eastern United States from New England to Nebraska and south through Texas.’
    • ‘The bagworm is native to the U.S. and occurs throughout much of the area east of the Rocky Mountains.’
    • ‘When fully grown, the bagworms are a dull, dirty, gray with darker markings toward the head.’
    • ‘The cheapest method of controlling bagworms on small trees and ornamentals is to hand-pick the bags.’