Definition of bags (or bags I) in English:

bags (or bags I)


  • A child's expression used to make a claim to something.

    ‘bags I his jacket’
    • ‘Sweeney used to say, in Ireland, 'Bags I that.'’
    • ‘Yes, and hopefully they tear down that ridiculous park of his. Bags I the first go with the bulldozer!’
    • ‘Nonsense, nonsense! Now we’ll play another game! Bags I the first move!’
    • ‘There are lots of houses for sale. I guess which one I’ll buy, bags I the one with the red roof.’
    • ‘Bags I the dummy, Bags I the cot, Bags I the rubber duck the other baby's got.’
    • ‘'Let's play at Slaves and Emperors', one shrills, 'Bags I the Emperor!' 'No, you're Moriarty, And bags I Holmes!'’
    • ‘Bags I the first response!’
    • ‘Bags I the left side! Now then, Dreda, I choose you first. Hereward can take Rowena. Buck up! We have got to win this time.’
    • ‘Here we say, 'bags I' instead. As in: bags I the chainsaw, bags I the best seat in the house, bags I the biggest piece of cake, and bags I the last beer....doesn't mean you always get it, tho.’
    • ‘Bags I the hot dogs (inside) rather than the bottle stall (outside).’
    • ‘Male patriotism also manifested in the fact that the boys were all for "bags I the side of the Hungarians", leaving the girls with the role of the Russians.’
    • ‘"Bags I the buns, though," he added, by a happy afterthought, and snatching the bag, pressed it on Mabel.’
    • ‘Bags I the one with the maddest of the mad hair, and the most dreadful of the Granny-knitted jumpers...and the broadest West Country accent.’
    • ‘Nice to see you back again, Jan - bags I the teddy bear!!!’
    • ‘"Bags I the black ones!" yell the kids. "Naah, you ate all the black ones last time."’