Definition of baggage reclaim in English:

baggage reclaim

(US baggage claim)


  • The area in an airport where arriving passengers collect luggage that has been transported in the hold of the aircraft.

    • ‘Standing in baggage reclaim at Luton airport the other day, it struck me that almost everyone around me had taken out their mobile phone.’
    • ‘As reported on these pages last year, its next move will be to the airport, where it is planning to set up 20 new screens in the baggage reclaim area.’
    • ‘So, when the Scot arrived at Heathrow baggage reclaim following a tour of the Far East, he was understandably anxious to find his precious piece of wood.’
    • ‘There were so many spectators examining the wicket during the tea interval that it could have been a Test match at Headingley or a baggage reclaim at Manchester Airport.’
    • ‘She had walked into the red channel at Heathrow from the baggage reclaim area saying that she had some items to declare.’


baggage reclaim