Definition of baggage car in English:

baggage car


North American
  • A railway car that carries travellers' luggage; a luggage van.

    ‘our bags were loaded on to a baggage car’
    • ‘Less than 5 minutes before we departed, I heard the conductor calling to the flagman who was still in the baggage car.’
    • ‘We lost some time in the station there since there was a lot of luggage to remove from the baggage car.’
    • ‘A station employee is about to hand up a piece of luggage to the baggage car.’
    • ‘On the platform for Track 20, I had Michael watch our bags while I finally took my walk up to see the engine, baggage car, and sleepers.’
    • ‘Our stop in Petersburg, VA was four minutes long because there was a lot of work at the baggage car.’
    • ‘One family detrained, and then their checked baggage had to be removed as well from the baggage car.’
    • ‘Our train had 11 Superliners, two baggage cars and 11 Amtrak fast freight cars.’
    • ‘Passengers slowly transferred to the buses as the baggage car was unloaded.’
    • ‘Amtrak puts the baggage car at the end of the train.’
    • ‘The conductor made her way to the rear of the baggage car at the end of the train to be the eyes of this backing operation.’