Definition of badmash in English:



  • A dishonest or unprincipled man.

    • ‘And the visitor would sheepishly admit both, his rascality and his obedience, by saying: ‘We are sarkari badmashes.’’
    • ‘The Regiment had to stay alert during this period as there were rumors of badmashes along the way.’
    • ‘Recently, the role has been expanded, asking for NATO troops to sally forth and actively pursue badmashes, bandits and holdover terrorists elsewhere.’
    • ‘Among the former were some who inhabited the twilight zone between legality and illegality, provoking the image of the Muslim badmashes (rogue-criminals).’
    • ‘Displaying spontaneity, he assured the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister - who he said thinks he was a ‘big badmash’ - that he would not take off his shirt.’


From Urdu, from Persian bad ‘evil’ + Arabic ma‘āš ‘means of livelihood’.